Difference between Marriage and Wedding 

Difference between Marriage and Wedding

Wedding and marriages are often happening around us but have we ever wondered that does the word wedding and marriage are synonym or have a different meaning. It may sound a little bit confusing but there is a slight basic difference between two.

What is a wedding?

Wedding is a word which defines all the marriage rituals and ceremonies that are happened in front of the guest and signify the acceptance of the two people, husband and wife to their sacred relationship for life socially in front of everyone. The basic difference can be explained by the best example that you can invite an individual or a guest to the wedding but you cannot do so in the case of marriage. Another best example may be like a interruption in the wedding is the interruption caused in the rituals, traditions and other customs that are being followed in the event while and divorce may be best suited for the interruption caused in the marriage. Hopefully, the aspect of wedding must be clear so we may define wedding as the superset of ritual, customs, cultures and traditions or the celebration in the social gatherings (guests) that are followed since a long time in order to bind up two people, husband and wife in a strong unbreakable bond of love, commitment, oneness or unity.

What is a marriage?

Marriage is about the relationship of two couples, husband and the wife, after the happening of rituals, customs, traditions or the social acceptance to stay together in the bond of love, commitment, care, admire, etc forever. Marriage is a socially recognized of sacrament of holy matrimony that is necessary for two people to be officially called husband and wife and live together. In general and marriage is a recommendation and compulsory activity in order to indulge in any sexual intercourse activity. It is a social recognition or legal authentication to the acceptance of two people as husband and wife in the society as it is recognition of relationship by the state, society, organization, religion, group, community socially. 

Hence you must be able to analyse the basic difference between marriage and wedding that wedding are the pre martial task like rituals, customs, legal procedures or the social recognition in order to be called married.

Reasons for getting married:

  • By getting married, the two individual in the relationship improve their status of living and develop a new reason for the purpose of their daily growth. 

  • It promises sharing love, care for each other, commitment and all this strengthen you somewhere in your heart making you strong to tackle problems and brings the spirit of unity an oneness.

  • Another benefit is that you can enrol the most important aspect of living that is happiness and have a secured future of life, by having children, your own blood and can be the best wonderful parents, the smile behind the small kids.

  • Marriage is a divine and sacred relationship and brings two individual in one thinking and understanding and gain the felling of something important in your life that no other thing had replaced or in future will replace.


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