Different Diamond Colors 

Different Diamond Colors

There are four C’s, which have been prescribed, for judging the quality of a diamond. These four C’s include the following:

- Color of the Diamond 
- Clarity of the diamond
- Carat of the diamond
- Cut of the Diamond
Anyone who is trying to grade a diamond will judge it on its above four features. For a diamond to be considered good, it has to score high on all four accounts. However, when it comes to the color of the diamond, there is a sort of irony in the whole situation. Since when evaluating the quality of a diamond, the best diamond would be the one in which there is no diamond color present or a colorless diamond will be considered to be the best diamond. 

Zero Color Is the Best On The Diamond Color Scale

A diamond which is chemically pure and is perfect structurally as well will have absolutely no hue present in it. When you see through this diamond, it would appear to be similar to a drop of pure water. Diamonds with absolutely no hues or no color present in them are considered to be of the highest value in the diamond color grading system. All the diamonds are generally graded on a scale of A-Z, where A is considered to be the best, with absolutely no color present. 

Finding the Color Of A Diamond

There are fixed rules and norms which have been prescribed for the grading of these diamonds on the basis of their color. The conditions in which the tastings have to be done are also fixed so as to ensure that all the diamonds are graded on the same parameters. The diamonds are viewed under controlled lighting and exact viewing conditions are used for checking the color present in a diamond and on the basis of the same diamonds are graded on the basis of their color. There are a very select few companies which have been given the certification for conducting this grading. Grading given by these certified agencies alone should be believed and used for understanding the value of a diamond. 

Judging These Diamond Colors Is Not Easy

It is very difficult for an untrained person to correctly judge whether a diamond is a clear diamond or not. As discussed above a white diamond or a colorless diamond will be worth a lot more than a diamond which has even a slight hue present in it. However, the color present in a diamond is so subtle that in most of the cases, a person, who does have the necessary training in identifying these colors, will not be able to notice them. It is because of this that many jewelers mange to sell off their low grade diamonds at the price of a high grade diamond, since the common man is not able to distinguish between the two.
For the safety of the consumers, grading agencies have been appointed, which conduct an unbiased analysis of each and every diamond and issue a certificate for its quality. It is essential that in the absence of this certificate, no diamond should be purchased.  


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