Different Jewelry for Different Wedding Functions 

Different Jewelry for Different Wedding Functions

During the various wedding ceremonies, a bride is the show-stopper. Everything that she wears, from her clothes to her toe rings, everything is judged by the people attending the wedding and therefore, it is imperative that bride dresses up in the most exquisite clothes and accessories for each and every function of her wedding. Amongst the various accessories that a bride needs to wear to complete her bridal look, her jewelry is the most important accessory. Every bride and her family invest a lot of time, money and effort and picking up the best jewelry pieces for the wearing and gifting during the marriage ceremonies. 

Below are a few tips which can ensure that the jewelry for different functions that a bride picks up for herself, is not just of the latest style, but also correct for the occasion:

Engagement or the Roka Ceremony

This is generally the first function which kicks off the wedding celebrations. This is also the first time when many of the relatives and friends of the groom would get to see the bride. Therefore, it is important that the bride should look elegant at this function. She need not go too tradition during this ceremony. Elegance is the key to win hearts at this function. The best option in jewelry would be to go for diamond sets, which need not be too heavy. The diamond set can comprise of a single colored stone like a sapphire.

Sagan Or The Cocktail Party

A cocktail ceremony is not so much of a traditional function and therefore, brides these days prefer to wear a dress which is more indo-western rather than going in for something completely traditional or modern. The jewelry for the occasion would be decided by the dress that you have picked up for the occasion. For example, if you are wearing a gown which does not have too many embellishments on it, then your jewelry piece would have to be something heavy, however, if your dress is already quite heavy, then you should team it up with a simple statement hoops or diamond earrings. 

Wedding Day 

This is the most important day in the life of a bride and she needs to look simply amazing on this day. This is the day when no matter what and how much she wears, she can never look overdressed. However, if the proper jewelry is not worn, then the bride can end up looking ordinary or underdressed. Therefore, while it is important that the bridal jewelry should complement the bridal dress, it is also important to ensure that the jewelry set is big enough to catch the eyes of everyone. 


Again, the important thing to know here is the dress that the bride has selected for the occasion. Depending on whether it is an indo-western dress or a traditional dress, the type of jewelry would be selected. If the bride is wearing an indo-western dress, then a diamond set would be the best choice, however, if she is going in for a traditional outfit, then jewelry with more colors can be opted for as well. 


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