Different Rituals Performed In Himachal Pradesh Weddings 

Different Rituals Performed In Himachal Pradesh Weddings

Every wedding ceremony is celebrated in a special way. Every culture has its own set of rituals which help in grand marriage celebration with rich tradition and heritage which passes on with each generation successively. Likewise wedding in Himachal Pradesh is also of different style. Here they differently celebrate a wedding ceremony and then rituals of greeting the newlywed couples. Like every marriage, in wedding in Himachal Pradesh there are also celebrations of the marriage very happily and in a very joyful manner. There are various rituals that take place between the families of couples and between couples over a yajna and pooja. Also there are various sacred rituals that are now faded with time as less and less people are aware of them.

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Also once the wedding ceremony is over there are various rituals done in different wedding ceremonies that mark the welcoming of the bride to the in-laws house. Firstly there is a pooja done by the bride at the holy place in guidance of the older and experienced women of the houses that direct her accordingly. Then there is sweet distribution done to mark the happiness of arrival of the new bride at the house. Then there is Dehre pooja done to worship the traditional heritage wall painting and the bride distributes the Gune with both hands to the people. This is also a ritual after marriage and the groom has to get these Gune first and reward the bride with jewelry or money in return. When all of these rituals are done there are traditional songs are sung by many women sitting around with music from traditional instruments

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The next important ritual is the Dikhai done in different wedding ceremonies. It is a custom where people see the newlywed bride and in return gifts her some jewelry or money. Here it is a tradition after marriage where the mother-in-law sees the bride first and tells everyone that bride is beautiful. Then it is other in-laws that do and repeat the custom. And each of them represents the bride with some jewelry or money as gift. Then there is a traditional ritual of Pair Bandai where the bride shows respect to the elders of the groom’s family by touching their feet with the edge of her saari with  fingers and gifts them some jewelry or money. This ritual is very important as it is the official introduction of the bride to the groom’s family members. And here the bride gets the blessing and omens of the elders of a happy and prosperous married life.

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There are also many different forms of marriages that are famous as wedding in Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is one of the best places to visit in India. In Himachal Pradesh, You can shoot your pre-wedding in Kasol or in Kheerganga trek. Some of them are Dam-Chalshish, Darosh Dab Dhab, Jhajhara, Batta-Satta, Mool Biah, Gadar and Jhindphook which are very famous in the area. There are also other forms of customs and rituals followed in these regions which make wedding in Himachal Pradesh very rich and varied in heritage and culture. Also there are many different rituals by which the bride is welcomed and introduced to the family of groom officially and celebrations are done. Even though it appears as the most varied culture, the customs and heritage of Himachal Pradesh has kept its people united and made its culture popular among others.  


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