Different Traditions Followed After Marriage in CKP Culture 

Different Traditions Followed After Marriage in CKP Culture

Like any other culture’s wedding CKP weddings also follow many rituals and post wedding traditions like any other religion. Although they are similar to Maharashtrian post wedding rituals but they have their uniqueness that totally define them different. Also here are various caste celebrated rituals and one very famous in them is the non-vegetarian feast.

Famous post wedding traditions

One of the post wedding rituals of CKP wedding is the bride’s farewell. After the reception, immediately the newlywed couples leave for the groom’s house for the new start of life together. Here the bride’s family wishes her a happy and blissful married life and bless her. Also here is a tradition that the groom carries a silver goddess Parvati idol as a symbol of respect for his wife as he leaves the reception hall. The farewell marks the departure of the bride and the groom together in a vehicle with sad songs and teary eyes.

Then it is the famous Grihapravesh Aarti that is the welcoming puja conducted as the bride enters the groom’s house. Here the groom’s mother welcomes the newlywed couples by washing their feet with milk and water. Then there is a vessel full of rice on the entrance of home which the bride kicks and the rice flows all over. It mainly symbolizes the prosperity that will flow in the house with the bride’s presence. Then there is a tradition of writing a new name by the groom by parting the grains of the rice for the bride marking her new role in his family.

Welcome of the Newlywed

Next tradition is the Soonmukh Baghane. Here after the Aarti and the welcoming of the newlywed couples in the house, there is a puja done where the groom’s mother sits in between the bride and the groom and looks at her new daughter-in-law’s face in a mirror. After the Aarti are recited the newlywed couples hand out the sugar to the immediate family members who live in the house. This sugar symbolizes the sweetness that married life will bring to the newlywed couples. 

The next tradition of the CKP post wedding ritual is the Manpan. It includes gifting presents to the immediate groom’s family as a gesture of love and affection. Here the bride’s mother also gifts sarees to the groom’s mother and other close relatives. Then the groom’s family reciprocates the gesture with their own gifts. 

It is different

The next tradition is the Tond Dhune where the bride’s mother gifts jewellery to the groom’s mother and sometimes a tea-set also. Then there is Vyahi Bhet where bride’s father gifts the groom’s father a silver ornament or statue of any god they worship. The silver symbolizes love and respect. Then there is Halad Utaravarne. It is this ritual where the bride and the groom are not supposed to leave the house or place of marriage. Also after this the newlywed couples leaves the house together after marriage. 

Then there is a delicious tradition in the CKP post wedding ritual where the close relatives of the bride and the groom and the newlywed couples all together enjoy a totally non-vegetarian feast together. Also dishes like rice and fish are heartily served eaten and enjoyed.


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