Different Types of Engagement Rings for Every Bride 

Different Types of Engagement Rings for Every Bride

The engagement rings hold a very special meaning for every bride and groom. These rings signify the promise or the commitment between the couple of loving each other forever. Many of the brides, along with their wedding ring, like to wear their engagement rings as well, every day for the rest of their life. Therefore, it becomes important that the style of the engagement ring selected should be trendy and yet classic, so that it never goes out of fashion and the bride is able to happily flaunt the same for the rest of her life. 

There are many classic engagement ring styles which have continued to be a favorite with the brides and the groom for years now, but little adjustments to their patterns is always welcomed in order to give them a fresh look and appeal. Some of these modern trends in engagement rings, which every bride would surely love and appreciate, are as follows:

Gemstone Cluster
Gone are the days when you could make a bride happy with a diamond ring. Do not get me wrong, diamonds are still a woman’s best friend and she would always appreciate a diamond ring, but these days there are rings available where along with this diamond, there are many other different colored stones placed in an intricate and beautiful design, which give the ring the most amazing appeal. In fact, there is one gemstone cluster pattern which has become really popular where the colored stoned are placed to spell DEAREST. The ring includes the stones, diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, sapphire and topaz. 

Colorful Stones

This is yet another very popular pattern for engagement rings these days, where a huge diamond is placed in the middle and the colored stones are placed all around it to form beautiful designs. Generally, sapphire and ruby are used in these rings to create jaw dropping patterns. The biggest names in the jewelry industry have entire sections devoted towards the creation of new designs for engagement rings of this pattern. 

Diamond In Supporting Role

In most of the cases, we see that the center of attraction in an engagement ring is always the diamond. All the other stones which may be used in the ring generally are placed around the ring in a manner to increase the appeal of the diamond. However, this new style of engagement ring is changing this and placing the colored stones right in the middle of the ring, making them the most significant part of the ring and small diamonds are then placed around these colored stones, in order to give the ring a more rich and classy look. 

The demand for new designs for the engagement rings is increasing and therefore all the big names in the jewelry industry like Tiffany, etc. are working overtime in order to come up with new styles and patterns for these engagement rings. It is important that in a bid to create something new, the jewelry companies do not lose focus on the fact that these rings need to be timeless as the bride is going to be wearing it for her entire life. 


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