Discussing the Purpose of Marriage 

Discussing the Purpose of Marriage

Your life enters a new phase after marriage. You are also aware that it brings both of you in a monogamous relationship with the purpose of making a permanent bond. Your various needs of life such as friendship, companionship, sexual desires, bearing and rearing children etc. are fulfilled after marriage. In fact, you and your wife becomes the two faces of as single coin. 

It is also true that every person has specific aim in life and that aim should be achieved after getting settled in life. So, it is necessary that both the partners should sit together and discuss various things related to their lives so that they have a successful marriage. It is better that this work be done before marriage. Here are a few suggestions.

Institution of Marriage

The marriage is such an institution that gives both of the partners the opportunity to grow together. The life of both the partners develop and prosper. It does not demand that both the spouses be perfect. But, the happiness in life should be ensured by both the spouses. It is possible when both the partners have feelings for each other.
Commitment for Each Other

The God has made both males and females to be a unique and intimate union through the process of marriage. They are born with some inherent differences between them in order to be complementary to each other.  They must have the intention to give the best out them and also receive as much as possible. This sacred union imposes commitment on both the partners with the purpose of strengthening both of them. 

Relationship of Free Consent

The marriage is based on free consent of both the partners in all the respects. Until, there is a free consent on both the sides and one partner imposes the decisions on the other, the married life becomes a burden. The happiness in the marriage is lost. This free consent and strong should not be short live, but for the life long period. 

In other words, it means that there must be a free flow of communication between both the partners in all the matters. If the matter is of planning a child birth, higher education after marriage of the spouses, change of job, residence from one city to other city both the partners should sit and decide together. If both the partners are adhering to it, the faithfulness is maintained in the married life and two spiritual purposes of marriage (unitive as well as procreative) are fulfilled without much difficulty. 

It is the basis on which both the partners face a new beginning of life (in terms of joy and prosperity) every morning. The holiness of life and human being is maintained through this act and all the vice and curse is wiped off. The couple find the reason to be bind with each other. No partner is superior to other in married life. The specific commitment flows from one to other and God is there to bless them with ultimate pleasure of life. 

See, the suggestions here are not the whole, both of you may make and discuss your own purpose of marriage. 


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