Do Not Forget To Click Those Selfies At Weddings To Make Great Candid Photoshoot Memories 

Do Not Forget To Click Those Selfies At Weddings To Make Great Candid Photoshoot Memories

Whether it is your own wedding or the wedding ceremony of your friend or relative, there is one thing common in all weddings: everyone likes to get dressed and look pretty. Weddings are the perfect place to showcase your sense of style and flaunt your beauty. You might not spend as much time and money as the bride and the groom on buying a dress for the wedding and making yourself look pretty, but efforts are put in to look pretty at all wedding functions by everyone of us. And when you are looking so pretty, it is obvious that you would like to get clicked and share your beautiful pictures with all your friends and relative on the social media. This is one of the primary reasons for the growing popularity of selfies at weddings.


Guarantee Your Best Pictures

Indian Wedding Photoshoot

The focus of the wedding photographer would primarily be on the bride, the groom and their close family members. The photographers take their time to ensure that the best pictures of the bride and the groom are clicked. Therefore, these photographers conduct planned Indian wedding photoshoot where the bride and the groom are made to pose for hours along with their families, thereby ensuring that the best quality pictures of them. However, if you are a distant relative or just a friend or associate of the bride or the groom, chances are that there might not be a single picture of yours that gets clicked during the entire wedding. Thanks to the camera phones, you can, however, ensure that you take really good selfies of yourself at the best locations or spots available at the wedding venue. You can click your individual selfies, or go in for group selfies with the rest of your gang. Thus, whether the photographer pays attention to you or not, you are guarantee really amazing photographs of yourself through these selfies.


Capture The Raw Emotions, Just Like Candid Photoshoots

Candid Wedding Photography

Selfies happen in a spur of the moment. Something nice or emotional happens at the wedding, and you spontaneously take out your phone and capture the moment through a selfie. Thus, these selfies are actually better than candid wedding photography, where in spite of the best efforts of the photographers, the picture may appear planned and emotions a little faked for the camera.  In fact, many of the top Indian wedding photographers are using these selfies taken by the guests and the family of the bride and the groom to add to the wedding album in order to give it more depth and represent the wedding emotions more deeply.


Share Instantly And Make The Absentees Jealous

Wedding Photography

Another really great thing about the wedding selfies is that you do not have to wait for a week or more to see the pictures, when the wedding photographer provides you with a soft copy of the same. As soon as you click the selfie, it becomes available on your phone and you can instantly share it on your social media account or with specific friends or relatives who were unable to make it for the wedding.

Selfies are a huge trend these days, and they are so much more fun that the typical, age old wedding photography. Therefore, whether it is your wedding or someone elses, make sure you click loads and loads of selfies, and have a great time at the wedding.


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