Do You Listen To Convince or To Learn 

Do You Listen To Convince or To Learn

Good communication is the key to all successful relationships. Whether you are communicating with your family members, your friends or professionals, if you do not have the right skills for conversation, you would not be able to develop good and long relationships with anyone. Most of the people feel that for good communication they need to work on how they put their point of view across to the other person in a firm and convincing manner, which does not offend them. It is true that this is one of the primary aspects of a good communication, but simply improving on the way you say your side of the story is not enough. For a discussion or a conversation to have the desired impact, it is important that you also have the skill of listening. 

Listen To Understand

When in a discussion, we do not realize this, but our listening power becomes highly selective. We listen to only things which help in accentuating our point of view and totally ignore what the other person may be trying to tell us and which may be different from what we may believe in. It is said that communication helps in building stronger relationships, because it helps in improving the understanding between two people. But when in a conversation, your sole aim is to convince the other person about your point of view and not even bother to listen to his or her perspective, then essentially what is happening between the two of you is an argument and not a conversation. Arguments are never good for any relationship

Listen To Learn

It is possible that the person you may be communicating with may not have the degree or life experience which you may have, and yet that person may have some sort of knowledge which you may not possess. But the only way you would be able to grab that knowledge of the other person would be when you listen to what he or she has to say. But, most of the times our egos do not allow us to admit to the fact that someone, who we feel is far less knowledgeable than us, can know something that we do not already know, and hence we end up ignoring everything that he or she says. If you wish to learn new things in life, then you need to give the other person a chance to speak and listen to his or her side of the conversation with an understanding ear and not just to pick points to prove that what he or she is saying is wrong. 

Practice The Art Of Listening

It may be hard to believe, but most of the conversations fail to have the desired results not because the people involved in the conversation were not able to put forward their points in the right manner, but because those people failed to listen properly to what the other person had to say. Good listening is essential for good communication and therefore, if you want your relationships to improve, then you need start working on your listening skills immediately. 


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