Dont Be Clumsy Dear Bride-Avoid these Blunders During the First Night 

Dont Be Clumsy Dear Bride-Avoid these Blunders During the First Night

Arranged marriage is not a straight forward affair. It does require time, to understand and to get intimated more with each other. The limitations of the virgin partner and feeling anxious and scared about the same can be the limiting factor. The first night sex in arranged marriage cannot be advised by as we are not experts to tell you all that stuff. But definitely, gentle and nice advice can put the subject in the right direction. Here go the things to avoid list-

1. Never sit to have a question Answer session- 

Well, the small subtly about the intimacy in the sex indicate short conversations, rather than sitting as though you are at an interview desk and asking the questions and replying them. The long times can be spared for the whole life. The first night is not meant for the longer conversations, rather the small and interesting, moody crisps for elevation and having that close intimacy to be remembered for the entire life. Your partner is not going to run anywhere at least today night…

2. Avoid rushing into it-

As both of you would be extremely tired of entire pomp and show which would have gone, try to ease in the situation. Don’t be tigress ready to p[ounce, rather give some subtle signs to the partner. Just reminiscence any ridiculous incident which occurred during the celebration or simply complement each other and proceed for the romance. 

3. Strictly avoid the blunder of providing your Ex’s name-

The worst kind of the mistake that you could commit by blurting out your ex’s name and triggering an unpleasant situation at this very special moments of the time. Don’t turn off sex drive by speaking about your past, rather go relax and soak into each other’s company and make each other comfortable.

4. No money talks during this time- 

Don’t try to dig into the partner’s bank balance at this time.  Your first memorable night is not the right time to dig into these conversations, rather look for some chance for close intimacy. The money talks are extremely sensitive in nature. Strictly avoid them.

5. Don’t Bazaar your imaginations- the fantasies- 

As you are sitting with your partner. Explore your lovemaking fantasies eventually, not on the first wedding night itself. This is not the only night you’ll be spending together. Why should you not hush with these fantasies right away? Well this could lead to some performance issues here. Disclose the wild surprises progressively to keep the fire burning.
                        Good Luck! ;)


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