Dont Be Extravagant on Your Wedding, Dear Bride 

Dont Be Extravagant on Your Wedding, Dear Bride

The biggest question in front of the bride and groom would always be- where to splurge and where to save? There must be judicial expenditure of money. The over expenditure or the under expenditure both are unnecessarily wastage of the money and efforts. You actually need to prioritize the things and then spend judiciously. When you go to the market, and then make sure to analyze- what you splurge or what you spent? Be budget savvy. 

The brides, who can afford, should not make any compromise in their wedding, be it wedding outfits or attire, the décor or the theme of the wedding, all it requires extensive research and the money is required to create the stuff too.

Brides mostly splurge on- 

Engagement or the wedding lehenga- A major chunk of the budget is spent on the wedding attire or the lehnga. There cannot be any compromise in this regard. Sometimes, brides they try to save from the other things, whereas they can never go to compromise about the expenditure on their most appealing lehanga, which they are planning to wear on that gorgeous day. Be smart enough to save on other things while planning things smartly.

The customization in the terms of colors, dupatta and embroideries and the blouse work can be done by asking from the vendor.

They mostly save up on- 

The planners and other expenses can be saved well. The guidelines provided through the net, in addition to the strict planning along with the execution of the same. In addition, the tents along with the personalization of the elements and the décor elements are put together by the tent guy.


The real brides shared their experience that the personalization done with the help of Chinese lanterns was ordered from the Amazon just quite a few days before the wedding. The elements which required our help were done by all of us together. Then the things can be handed over them to incorporate in the venue. Even, they were being shown the pictures of what they are supposed to be and what kind of design actually we want. The decoration achieved in this way can be amazing as the personalized work done by yourself, in addition to without bearing off the expenses for the wedding planners.


The gorgeous way to save on the wedding is to get your jewellery made up of the silver, which can be gold plated. The brides shared their experience, telling that the gold jewellery which they liked would be costing in the lakhs due to the studded diamonds and other stones, but it costed me just for few thousands due to which I could save lakhs of the rupees. The appearance provided was exactly the same, besides the feeling which I had for the wedding moments was of gold. 

Other Considerations -

There can be other things, in which you can look into, for the saving of the major costs like as- 

1. Make up 
2. Videography and photography
3. DIY arrangements like Photo booth at Mehendi, Ring Boxes, Cutlery, and Photo trail at engagement and smaller things like trays, gift boxes and other paraphenelia. Even Mehendi giveaways were gota and pom pom rings which didn’t cost me anything


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