Dont Forget to Ask These Questions from Your Wedding Planner 

Dont Forget to Ask These Questions from Your Wedding Planner

Well, the weddings are most time consuming as well as the costlier affairs. The budgets you plan for your wedding, the décor inspiration from the pins around the board, the ideas to set the right benchmark, need a planner to set the right tone. It’s not easy rather tough to find the right kind of person. In case you got one through hundreds of the reccos, then who does know that he/she is perfect for you?

Many of the professionals with greatest of the pins on the board can be unprofessional in case you need them. Besides, there can be those, who feel dying to rip you off just for few thousands by offering you sub standard stuff. At the same time, there are those, who understand you spiel and provide you beautiful wedding in less.

To get the wedding of your dreams, you need to exercise simple mandate of fewer questionnaire to help you get the right kind of to save time and stress- 

1. What kind of planner are you- the coordinating typed or more of décor typed-

Therein actually exists a huge difference between the kinds of planners. The one- who turned from the decorators to the planners and the second who handle the logistic and planning but outsource the décor. The former kinda with décor orientation focus primarily on the aesthetics. There must be at least one vendor to be outsourced out of décor, logistic and planning.

2.  Relevant experience for the same kind of the wedding especially from my background-

The wedding rituals differ from the state to state. And the wedding planning is about the rituals of different castes. The planners, who are adapted to the Punjabi wedding planning, may not be suitable for the rajasthani or south Indian weddings.

3. Talking about the overall cost or expenditure of wedding they plan-

The mandate about this is to remain upfront about the overall expenses. The main cause behind, is the people in India like to drag on the monies till the end and then spring a googly on you. Don’t cross your budget at any cost. Two things are most important to be asked-

A) if the planner is expensive and you really want them? If yes, then do a small bit for the wedding and lower your cost.

b)  Usual wedding planner cost varies from 10-20% of the wedding cost. Don’t increase your budget for them. Don’t forget to ask about their overhead costs. Get everything in writing.

4. Ask about the most unforgettable wedding they have planned-

This question can brief you idea about the ideas executed by them, themes done which made them unique.  This question would help you get the idea about planners, clientele and their own aesthetics.

5.  Ask about the number of weddings they have planned- 

This question remains most important to ask and don’t feel shy to ask about the photographs to analyze the aesthetics.

6. What is their contingency plan for the bad weather-?

If they don’t have a plan B right on top of their head, they’re definitely not the right ones for you. They need a backup for everything. They need to know what solutions work for each and every problem. If they are blabbering and are bullshitting – you’ll know. Ask them if they ever had a wedding disaster and how they handled it. Their answer will seal the deal for you!

7. Which venues can you get us a good deal at?

Many planners have tie ups with venues to give some pretty unbeatable rates. Don’t forget to ask their venue list and also cross check with the venue if their rates are indeed the best ones around.


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