Don’t forget to Inquire about these Facts while Booking your Wedding DJ! 

Don’t forget to Inquire about these Facts while Booking your Wedding DJ!

Wedding is a time of celebration and the pomp and fervor is defined by many elements including dance and music that complement the feasting and glam appeal of the guests and all. In India, we find the age old customs and folk traditions of singing special songs during the wedding occasion. In the modern age, we also find the new concepts of dance and music like the wedding dj services that allow the guests to gear up for the immersive time. People now actively book local djs for parties that precede the actual wedding and also for the reception events. However, the enthusiasts and youth that are the hard core fans of wedding dj party are very particular about the facts and they want to ensure that they get the best experience. It is therefore vital to inquire about some basic facts while deciding to hire dj for wedding.


Here are few dimensions that need to be inquired objectively. Have a look and you can ask these questions to take an informed decision!


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Does the dj services provider specializes in wedding entertainment?

This should be your foremost query! You should inquire whether the service provider has fine experience for the wedding events or not. Indian weddings have a distinct appeal and cultural taste and therefore dj service provider should be able to customize his offerings as per the requirements.


How can you get the crowd pumped and energized?

The real professionalism of any dj is to pump up the crowd and allow the gatherers to feel the rhythm and enthusiasm brewing. Choose only that service provider who enjoys popular appeal in the market. You can bank upon the reviews and recommendations of friends and others in this regard.

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How do you handle the song requests by people?

Can he handle the song requests in real time? Guests at Indian weddings are very demanding, including for the music! Hence, the dj should be able to cater to the special requests by the guests. You can also book advanced dj services that many vendors offer to avail the specialties like song requests by audiences.


What equipments and gadgets you use to make the program enjoyable?

Even though you may not have the detailed idea of the dj consoles and other paraphernalia, never hesitate to inquire about their gadgets and mixers. You can gauge their worth by their confidence!


Have you played at the venues shortlisted by me? Can you make a visit there?

This is also important! Ask him regarding the party halls and banquet halls that you have shortlisted. Can he perform there without any problem? You can also ask him to make a visit and take his view on the best wedding halls of the city!

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Why should I choose you as my wedding dj?

Finally, be frank to ask for his specialty! Look out for the distinctive components of his wedding dj services and then make the final decision.

With such objective probing, your wedding entertainment is bound to rock for sure!


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