Dont miss to take Beautiful Shots of your Designer Mehndi 

Dont miss to take Beautiful Shots of your Designer Mehndi

The hands and the feet of a bride are one amongst the center of attraction in every ceremony of the wedding. Whether it is the ring ceremony or the haldi ceremony, the hands and the feet of the bride get a lot of attention. It is for this reason that as a part of the bride’s attire, a lot of focus is given to decorating the bride’s hands and feet. Beautiful rings are purchased, armlets, bangles, toe-rings, etc. are used to beautify the hands and feet of the bride. Photographers, who like doing pre wedding photos, pay special attention while taking the shots of the hands and feet of the bride.

Designer Mehndi

Hands and feet painted by a famous henna artist make the prettiest pictures. By simply looking at a photograph of hands with bridal mehndi, you would be able to know that the hands belong to a beautiful bride.

Capturing The Essence Of The Wedding Ceremonies

Bridal Mehndi Designer

Indian weddings are a traditional affair and represent our culture. There are numerous rituals that take place at a wedding, which focus on the hands and the feet of the bride and the groom. A good wedding photographer would use the art used for creating the mehndi designs by the bridal mehndi designer, to capture the essence and feel of each of these ceremonies. While doing candid wedding photography of the Saptpadi ceremony, where the bride and the groom take the seven steps towards their new married life, photos, showing the feet of the bride and the groom taking those seven steps or placed on the traditional rice, make the most impact. The top wedding photographers are able to capture these moments and the aesthetics of the hand and the feet of the bride in the best possible manner, making these moments and the photos extremely special.

Mehndi: A Bride’s Pride

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

There is a separate ceremony in our Indian weddings which has been dedicated solely to putting designer mehndi on the bride and the groom. Famous mehndi artists are called in for the ceremony and they choose very intricate and beautiful designs for the bride. Designs which show entire wedding processions, representations of a royal bride and groom, traditional regal motifs, etc. are drawn on the hands and the feet of the bride and the groom. The bridal mehndis are absolutely gorgeous and most of the photographers love clicking the pictures of the same. These photographers do special portfolios of the bride highlighting the mehndi. Sitting, standing, while still in the process of getting the mehndi put, after completing the design, but before it dries off, after its dried off, the photographers like to click the mehndi at every stage. There is no portfolio of a bride which can be complete without good pictures of her mehndi.

Wedding Photography

The photographers use these pictures of the mehndi in many different and interesting ways these days. besides using them as representations of various ceremonies and the beauty of the bride, the mehndi pics are also being used as the backdrop for the photo albums created of the wedding ceremony.


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