Dos and Donts for Wedding Flowers 

Dos and Donts for Wedding Flowers

From the time when the concept of weddings began, flowers have always been a very important part of these weddings. From being a part of the various wedding rituals, to being used for the decorations of the various wedding venues, these flowers are present at every wedding. In a wedding, where everything is planned in the most meticulous manner, you cannot overlook the use and placing of the wedding flowers. 
Flowers more Than a Symbol of Love

Many people feel that the use of flowers in wedding signifies the love between the marrying couple. There is no doubt about the fact that flowers are the most beautiful symbol of love, but centuries ago, when the use of these flowers in weddings began, the purpose of using these floral decorations was different. It was believed that the aroma of the flowers helped in warding off the evil spirits and therefore, they were placed at the wedding venues to ensure that the entire wedding ceremony went off smoothly. In today’s times, the various flower arrangements seen at the weddings, represent the style and taste of the bride and the groom. 

There are some very specific dos and don’ts that are associated with the use of flowers at weddings. These do’s and don’ts should be kept in mind when planning the floral decorations for any wedding ceremony. 


- The first thing that one needs to remember to do when setting up the floral arrangements is to make sure that the backdrop for the wedding vows should be created with the help of the flowers in a such a manner, that it is visually amazing and can be separated from the rest of the wedding venue. It is common to use rented plants and columns for this purpose. 

- Make sure that the flowers that are being used for the decoration are seasonal and long lasting, you do not want that by the decorations are completed and the guest start to pour in, the flower withers off and look stale. The guests should be greeted by the aroma of fresh flowers.

- Try to give the flower decoration a theme that is closely related to love, romance or marriage. The color schemes and the type of flowers used for the decoration purposes should all be in accordance with this theme. 


- Do not overdo the decorations. Flowers look beautiful, but if they are used in excess, they can look cluttered and messy. Therefore, plan and space out your floral arrangements, so that every arrangement can be seen clearly, yet they do not present an overwhelming visual.  

- The size of the centerpieces should not be so big that they end up taking up most of the space on the table. The centerpieces should be small in size and sweet to look at. 

- Do not try to compromise on the quality of the flowers or the flower decorator. Of the flower decorations are not good at your wedding; the overall impact of your wedding will get compromised. Therefore, be ready to spend a little more, if required, but hire only the best flower decoration companies for decorating your wedding venue. 


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