Dos and Donts of Wedding Music Reception 

Dos and Donts of Wedding Music Reception

Everyone has different tastes in music and when it comes to wedding music, again the tastes may vary. While some people may prefer to have romantic songs being played at their wedding reception, others may want party songs to pump up the mood. However, when it comes to choosing reception music, besides the personal tastes and preference in music, your budget for the party and the wedding venue also play an important part in the selection of music. There are some specific points which one should always keep in mind, when preparing the playlist for the wedding reception music. 

Select the DJ or Band Carefully

If you want good music to play on your reception, you need to make sure that you hire a good band or DJ to play on the final day. There are many musicians available who are ready to play in weddings, but not all of them are good or play music which is as per your taste. Therefore, you must always insist on listening in on the music of the band or the Dj before making the decision about hiring them or not. 

Check Out the Space Available At the Venue

The choices of songs that are played at any wedding depend greatly on the venue. If you want loud and rock style of music, you will need a big open space for the space. If the same music is played in a closed hall, it can become too loud and distasteful. Therefore, before decide on your wedding music, check out the venue and ensure that it is fine for your style of music. 

Choose Special Songs 

Usually the Dj or the band which has been hired to play at the wedding reception have their own list of wedding songs which they would be playing, but you can always give them a list of special songs, which you may want to be played at specific parts of the reception, you can also use these songs for changing the mood of the party as per your wishes. 



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