Drape Double Dupatta Dear Brides - The Newer Trends 

Drape Double Dupatta Dear Brides - The Newer Trends

The brides now days are more prone to the double dupatta trend. The budget is increased little bit more, but still it has become of a norm, rather than a exception and let’s face it.

Double dupatta trend was started four years back by the sabyaschi. The process involves the draping of regular dupatta as a regular drape, then getting a lighter dupatta for your head. Usually the single dupatta is draped around the body and the head but here the brides use double dupatta. 

How to choose the second dupatta with your lehenga/ sari

- In case of the multicolor skirt or lehenga, the dupatta which is to be weared as the main dupatta must be of different colour but the second one should be same coloured as the original one ,with a difference of having the thinner boarder.

- If your lehenga is of mint green , then the best contrast can be using salmon pink, or a shimmery gold veil to break the colour monotony.

- For the south Indian brides who wear a kanjivaram, and need to have a veil to cover the head, contrasting colour is best for them as well.

- Other way of having the second dupatta is to make a contrast with the least appearing colour on the lehenga. This would be the best possible way to have the decent design.

- The dupatta is always closest to the bride’s face. If you use yellow or bright colour that instantly brightens your face while a navy can add dullness around the face.

- The second dupatta can be utilized a veil only, having the bright yellow or the gold veil on the head.

- If the second dupatta is of light weight fabric like as of net or chiffon with light weight embroidery, it would be appearing different with the separate grace of its.

Second dupatta draping style and requirement

- In case your wedding lehenga does not sound much heavy, then a second dupatta which can immediately enhance your appearance to look regal. 

- The best possible way to reduce the neck pain due to heavy dupatta is to use the second dupatta as a light weight veil and keep your heavy dupatta for draping.

- In case you plan for a mughal style and old world nizam kind of look then second duppata is a gorgeous way to layer and make you appear like vintage.

- The monotone of lehenga is broken by adding a dash of colors by draping a second dupatta of dashing colours and hues. 

- As a general rule too, the two dupattas definitely add elegance to your appearance. But, In case, the main dupatta is light enough to be worn on the head, then you need not add the second one. 


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