Dressmakers-Who Makes What-The Difference between Tailors Dressmaker Designer and Pattern Makers 

Dressmakers-Who Makes What-The Difference between Tailors Dressmaker Designer and Pattern Makers

You often get confused about the various professionals related to wedding dress making. These are tailors, dressmakers, designers and pattern-makers. But, in reality they are not the same though have comparable skills, they machines and equipment of similar nature. In fact, there job is entirely different. 

Here is an attempt to make you acquainted with all these professionals. 


A fashion designer is the person who conceives garment combinations in his/her mind. This may be related to lining on clothes, colours, textures etc. They receive formal training in a professional institute and thereafter they receive the training as apprentice. They are the persons that bring new definitions and designs to the clothes. They wedding dresses may be one of their concepts, but they work for developing a collection of different than wedding garments also. Their work required creativity of mind and intensive planning as well as market forecast. His/her design is original and has a definite label of his/her name. 

Pattern Maker

The evolution during 19th century, the patterns were hard to implement initially. But in modern times the pattern makers break down a definite pattern into smaller shapes. These are made in such a way that a consumer or a manufacturer can assemble them without any difficulty. For this purpose, they are issued with instructions by the pattern makers. The work of pattern requires technical skills. They keep in mind the body proportions such that the final clothing made is suitable to the wearer. The pattern makers make now a days make use of latest technology in drawing, calculating and adjusting measurements. You visit a store physically or online and you can get your measurements recorded for the dresses to be made; now it is the duty of pattern makers to specify the correct pattern for your wedding day dress so that you leave a good impression on everyone that day. So, it is needless to say that the work of pattern maker requires confidence together with creativity. 


Initially the work of men only, in modern times the women have also adopted the dress making as career. This work required measuring skills as well as sewing of clothes by machine or hand. They have to work closely with consumers, so they are expert communicator too. Apart from making new dresses, they alter the readymade clothes for the best fitting of the wearer. The specialisation in this field is for suits, sportswear, bridal dresses, evening wear, lingerie etc. Thus, a dressmaker has specialisation in clothing for women. 


The tailor is the person who cuts the clothes and sews them to wear. He/she has the knowledge about patterns, stitching techniques as per fabric etc. They use both machine as well as hands for the making suitable clothes. Their perfection of work results in perfect fit of clothes such as pants, suits, jackets etc. Hence, a tailor is specialised in men


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