Drool worthy Floral Rangoli Designs for Indian Wedding Decoration 

Drool worthy Floral Rangoli Designs for Indian Wedding Decoration

Rangoli- the traditional Indian designs for decoration does remind us of the Hindu celebration like as- Diwali. These swift wrist movements of rangoli should occur not only during this but also should be during wedding events in India as well in abroad. This is actually the newer and upcoming trend where the powdered rangoli designs are converted into the floral designs. Infect, the Indian wedding decoration has got the desi twist with this trend, the rangoli is accompanied across the wedding aisles, where the bride walks down, the sideways for the wedding guests, these walkways are beautifully abounding with flower petals galore. Even the pretty candles, installed with rangoli.

All these ideas can be implemented by having the stunning designs with the colourful flowers, arranged beautifully, with pretty petals. The rose petals, Genda phool or marigold are the Traditional Indian flowers Decoration which are in vogue now a day’s rather than the exotic and expensive flowers to be brought for your wedding.


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Various stunning designs along with the flowers can be seen into the following ways-

Beautiful swirls and twirls made by the fuchsia petals- these floral petals appear gorgeous in the form of swirls and the twirls. Just imagine the colour pattern and the decoration produced.


Stunning patterns scattered beautifully with white runner- the white coloured designs of runner appear fabulous.


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Compliment the entire look by keeping them with matka and arranging the paisley patterns of the marigold around it.

Wedding entrance beautified by the perfect rangoli floral.

Some minimalistic brides don’t keep bigger designs. So keeping the floral decor minimal by putting the semi circles.

Floral petals of every charming colour must be utilized to fill up the gaps as much as possible.

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The marigold everywhere in the wedding or the rose petals everywhere to ensure the rangoli is enhancing even the minute of the place.

The candles can be significantly incorporated to pair the floral patterns for that magical feel.

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The dawn, expressing the sunset wedding beauty with floral perfection makes a difference...

A classic round rangoli design can bring that perfect desi feel to your beautiful wedding


Beware of the kids though and arrange for the beautiful rangoli designs.


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