Dynamics of Being a Happy Couple 

Dynamics of Being a Happy Couple

Any element in life need to be measured in order to check its success factor. Whether it is a life or business, things need to be measured in outcome based metrics. If you take a business the performance of the business is measured by its profit and loss. If you take a motor vehicle the performance of the vehicle is measured by its speed and mileage. So is the case for any marriage. A marriage is measured by the essence of how happy a couple lives for years together. 

Success of a marriage depends on the happiness index

If you want to measure a success or the failure factor in marriages, the only yard stick which you can use is the happiness index of the couples. The greater the happy they are in corresponding to the number of years give them the assurance of success marriage life. This happiness index increase day by day or stays at the high peak level only when two couples show great affection, commitment and involvement in all stages of life. Success in nuptial can come only when the amorousness and darling amongst two couples extend till they absent this world. 

A relationship which is committed can stay long and happy

We have seen most cases in the family court filling divorce; the main reason for their failure in the marriage life is the lack of relationship commitment. Whether it is the male or the female, a loss in commitment can absolutely leave everyone to the stage of leaving each other. Hence it is always important for people to show involvement in their partner. A wife should be carrying to her husband when he comes back from office; a husband should take care of his wife when she is alone in home. Relationship commitment should always be kept high in any marriage to live long and to live happy with romance. 

Main activities to do to lead a happy life

The following are some of the best things to do in life to have a happy ending with your partner. 

  • Being together is the most important things in any life to be happy. Spending good amount of time will always make couples happy. 

  • Separating out the space of freedom


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