Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations 

Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations

If you thought sending out eco-friendly wedding invitations was something that only those people who are in love with nature and the environment would do, then you are highly mistaken. With increasing concerns over global warming, more and more people are choosing to use eco-friendly methods for sending out their wedding cards. Besides the fact that these cards help in preserving and protecting the environment, these cards also tend to be more cost effective and if electronic mediums can be used for their delivery, then sending these cards becomes faster as well. 

Many brides and grooms avoid choosing the option of eco-friendly cards; generally do so because they do not want to compromise on the quality or looks of their wedding invitation. However, there are many different options available in eco-friendly wedding invites, which can help in making your card look pretty and unique as well. Some of these unique eco-friendly wedding invitation styles have been discussed below:

Recycled Paper

The best way to save trees is to stop them from getting cut for the purpose of making paper. And the easiest way to do this is by using recycled paper. Therefore, instead of using the normal paper, you can start saving the environment by sending out your wedding invitations designed on recycled papers. You can include your email Id in the wedding invites, so that the guests can send their confirmations on your email, instead of using paper for sending their RSVPs. 

Plantable Invitations

There is a special type of paper available in the markets these days, which are plantable in nature. Therefore, when you use these papers for your wedding invitations and after reading them, even if your guests throw the cards out in the garden, the invite will automatically sprout wild flowers. There is no doubt that the price of these invites tends to be a little high, but when you compare it to the cost of saving the nature, then you will find it absolutely reasonable. Besides, not many people are yet aware of these plantable invites and therefore, this will give your wedding invitation a very unique and exciting twist. 

Soy Based Ink

Another very simple thing that you can change in your normal wedding invite and thereby contribute towards the protection of the Mother Nature is change the ink that is being used for the printing of your cards. Ask your printer to use soy ink or nay other vegetable based ink since the toxins released by these vegetable based inks is only 2 - 4% in comparison to the toxins released by the normal ink into the atmosphere. 

Wedding Website

This is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way of saving the environment and at the same time sending out some really creative and innovative wedding invitations. All the invites and confirmations are sent and received via mail, thus reducing the need for the use of paper to nil. You can even create a special website for your wedding, which will have all the information and updates about your wedding that your guests might need.


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