Edible Wedding Bomboniries 

Edible Wedding Bomboniries

It is a common practice for the hosts of the wedding to hand over little wedding favors, which are also referred to as wedding bomboniries, to their wedding guests as a means of saying thank you to the guests for taking out time from their busy schedules and attending the wedding and making the day even more special for the bride and the groom. Different people choose different bomboniries to present to their guests, but currently the trend of giving edible bomboniries has really caught on. More and more brides and grooms are choosing packages for special favors, which consist of various edible items. 

Some very unique ideas, which can help in making your bomboniry favor different and special from the rest of the weddings, are as follows:

Personal Cookies

If you have special baking skills and using these skills you have managed to come up with a new recipe for cookies, which every guest who comes to your house loves to eat, then you can prepare special jars containing this cookie powder and also containing the instructions for the guests about how they should bake this powder to enjoy your homemade cookies. This favor, not only has a very personal touch to it, but it is also something which no one else can copy from you, since no one else will have the recipe for your cookies. 


There are many chocolate makers present in every city these days who make special handmade chocolates in many different shapes and designs. You can get your picture printed on these chocolates or get the name of the bride and the groom printed on these chocolates, so that every time your guests eat it, they remember your wedding day. Even if you opt to use the standard chocolate flavors, which are present in the market, you can still get the packaging of the same done in a customized manner with a special reference to the marrying couple or the wedding day. 

Special Cocktail Recipes

Another amazing idea which can be used for edible bomboniries is to present the guests with a bottle of the famous local drink and along with that you can attach a list of recipes of making different types of cocktails using that drink. This is one favor, which is sure to impress all the male guests at your wedding. 


The edible favors can also be used as an accompaniment to the main wedding favor. This is generally done when the hosts are not very happy with the main favor or feel that they need to present their guests with something more. In this case, most of the hosts prefer to give their guests a lunch back, so as to make their ride back home a pleasant one. They may also include a package of pop tarts of varying flavors, which even though not many adults would admit, but still continues to be the favorite snack for most of us.  

The trend for giving edible bomboniries can really become hit and there are many vendors present who offer some really good and economical packages of assorted edible items which can make a really good wedding favor.


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