Electronic Wedding Invitation 

Electronic Wedding Invitation

The invention of internet brought in a revolution in people’s lives and it wasn’t far when the style of sending wedding invites also got completely refashioned. Electronic wedding invitations have many advantages such as convenience, economical, no postal errors, less response time, to name a few. Here are some quintessential reasons of why you should choose electronic wedding invitations over the traditional paper ones. 

The era of conservation

With people all around the world becoming conscious and aware about the judicious use of resources at our disposal, sending wedding invitations online seems a practical and legitimate decision. We are in an era of conservation where there’s no scope of wasting the resources and assets bestowed upon us by the Mother Nature. Imagine how much of paper and wood would be saved if all the couple’s around the world go paperless and switch to electronic invitation cards. 

Save time and money

Using online sites to send an invitation can help you save dollars, which can be rather judiciously used on other wedding items. It will also help you save the postal charges and the time taken to design, plan and send a traditional invitation card. An online invitation is a great option for the couples with a constrained wedding budget. 

Quicker response time

Yet another great advantage of an electronic wedding invitation is that there are lesser time laps between the hosts and the guests. On one hand the guests receive the news of the wedding within minutes and on the other hand the hosts can quickly know which guests will be able to attend the wedding.

Easy customization of wedding invitation cards

While sending and designing invitations online, it becomes easy to customize and personalise the invitations. You can easily add certain features and designs to an e-card which might become quite expensive in traditional cards. Before actually ordering or buying the invites, you can easily see how your imagined card will look like. Make sure to double check the information related to name of the hosts, name of the couple, RSVP information, venue, date and time on your e-card. Also, have your close friends, bridesmaids or parents double check the information. While selecting the design of your online invitation, make sure the design you select matches with your wedding theme. 

Zero postal errors

Sending out traditional wedding invitations can actually involve certain postal errors as some of the cards might get misplaced or torn. This can actually turn up to be very bad as some of your important guests or friends might get neglected due to the loss of invitation card. Solving this issue are the online invitation cards that involve zero chances of being misplaced, torn or stolen. 

Drawbacks of an electronic invitation

Despite of all the benefits and advantages, electronic wedding invitations are no short of drawbacks. The major drawback or hurdle is the fact that not all people have access to the internet and e-mails. This would imply that invitations will be sent to only those guests which have access to the internet. Also, despite of having an access, not every person checks their mails and notifications regularly. Another major drawback is the non-delivery of an invitation due to a poor internet connection on either side.


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