Elegant and whacky return gift ideas- offering the longer lasting impacts 

Elegant and whacky return gift ideas- offering the longer lasting impacts

The wedding guest Return gifts can be ganpati idols, silver coins. Clothes, dry fruits, wholesale bags, etc. the guests must remember for the long time. The ideas about the return gifts are quite old. And there is indeed, requirement for the newer return gifts. The cost of these gifts can be lower, but how actually these are represented, matters more than the gift itself. Here are some whacky gift ideas that are perfect for hitting among your guests.

- Small sized Toiletries

The travel size toileteries like as- lotions, body mists and other aromatic sprays or powders can be the perfect epitome of the return gifts that can be given. The brands, like as body shop and marks, spencers have tons of them. The mixed products or the blended one are the right cjhoice to go for.

- Kit to combat hangover of wedding wine

The greatest wedding gift for your friend can be the kit that can support them while returning and there after too. A handover kit , when the wedding is going to be with tons of alcohol, can be the best and the perfect gift for your friends and relatives. The main ingredients of the kit can be- herbs, tea bags, mint and other candies, hangover cure instructions guide.

- Confectionary items-Jams, Sauces and Honey Jars 

The exotic food items for the gift are the perfect and the preferred one choice for the wedding guests. They usually find it extremely interesting and the delicacies of the food, jams and the sweetness of the honey, seems to tighten the bond of love more and more.

- Small or Miniature Alcohol Sets

Belong to one of those colorful, chilled out clans? A set of miniature spirits is sure to leave your guests ecstatic. Keep the alcohol away from elders though, not because it’ll be weird for them, but because they might gulp it down themselves!

- Monogrammed Crockery/Cutlery with a history

The monogrammed or non- monogrammed one are the best gifts, that may not only include the 6 bowl pack, but also the artsy set of knives, dinnerwares or glasswares that has some kind of story behind them. Unarguably, these collectibles are the amazing gifts for the guests.

- Bling, Bling, Bling!
Instead of going for the pendants for the ladies and chains for the men, unisex bracelets that fit every one are the perfect epitomes. The ones in silver won’t break the bank much, and make your guests really happy!

- Personalized cookies, cakes and chocolates

Don’t just buy cookies in wholesale! Instead, add a personal touch to them. For starters, you could play around with shapes and have them packed artistically. Think of shapes that incorporate elements from the wedding itself – the groom’s pagdi, flowers, wedding rings, the bride’s shoe, shehnai… oh, there’s so much you can do with your imagination! Do the same with cupcakes and chocolates and lo, you are the new sweet thing!

The other gifts can be -

- Coffee + Tea Samples 
- Plants: Go Green 
- Candles
- Wedding Boxes


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