Elegant Hindu wedding invitations 

Elegant Hindu wedding invitations

The wedding invitation cards hold great amount of traditional and cultural value. These are called as “Lagnapatrika” or “Vivah Nimantranpatra”. The sole purpose of these cards is to send a kind message to invite the people to the wedding and request them to shower their blessings on the wedded couple. The Hindu wedding cards are famous all over the world for their unique and elegant designs. A Hindu wedding ceremony is incomplete without a beautiful wedding invitation card. The wedding invitation cards are designed and distributed separately by the families of the bride and groom depending on the wedding ceremonies which are to take place.

Tips on Writing Good Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards

It is important to consider the significant features of a Hindu wedding card. Try to make use of good and meaningful wordings in invitation cards to create a lasting impact on the mind of the readers. Use of complete sentences must be done and special attention must be paid towards use of salutation in addressing the parents’ names of the bride and the groom. 

The complete information regarding the date, time and venue of the wedding ceremonies which are to take place must be provided in the wedding invitation card subject matter. You can even include a representative map of the wedding venue so as to make it easier for your guests to locate it.

Select a theme for Wedding Invitation Card

These days the designs of wedding invitation cards carry themes like classic, fantasy, royal, etc. Select the most appropriate wedding card design and complement it with good color schemes. Usually the Hindu wedding invitation cards are full of colors, exquisite designs, intricate work and patterns, themed decorations, etc. 

Different Types of Wedding Invitation Cards

These days a wide range of wedding cards is available in the market to select from. If you do not want to go with the traditional square or rectangular look of the card, you can opt for other elegant and modern wedding invitation card designs like circular cut outs, unique origami, etc. You can select the card template based on your budget limitations. These days wedding invitation gift boxes or baskets or scroll wedding invitation cards are also widely being used. Mostly the wedding invitation cards Hindu carry the images of Hindu gods and goddesses. Lord Ganesha’s image is the most popular among other gods.

Hindu wedding invitation cards are available in every range of prices. Depending upon the price best suiting your wedding budget, you can select your wedding card.

The envelope of wedding invitation card also plays a significant role in impacting the beauty of the wedding card. The first impression about the wedding card is based on the look of its envelope, and thus, special attention must be paid towards the design and wordings on the envelope of wedding card.

Always try to select a suitable and highly experienced professional vendor for the making and printing of your wedding invitation card, who is up to date with the latest and most modern trends of the wedding invitation cards.


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