Elegant Summer Wedding Favors (Return Gifts to the attending Guests) 

Elegant Summer Wedding Favors (Return Gifts to the attending Guests)

The wedding favors- called as return gifts provide immense satisfaction to you and your spouse. This is actually an innovated idea to thanks your guests. These small gifts not only share your thoughts, but also the ideas among the guests. There is plethora of ways to have this small informal ceremony. One of the methods include- placing the decorated wedding favors on each table. The other methods which can really surprise the guests include- writing the name of the guest on each gift and then along with print the number of the table too.

These favors are seasonal. Actually, in the summer, the chocolates and other items which are liable to be melted are not suitable to be given, rather the gifts, having cooling effects can be given preferably. Let’s have careful consideration of these in detail-

1. The fresh fruits and lemonade if served are superb, to provide them cooling.

2. Leather photo frame- this is one of the best gifts, as the photographs of your choice, say of your engagement can be placed and gifted to the guests.

3. Mini candles in cup- the candles of varying sizes and the flavor with aroma of coffee, flowers or something pleasing can be made using cup or different sized containers. These favors are generally provided with the thank you tag. The usefulness in very elegant way can make this wedding favor, the best to be given them. Moreover, the tags can be made or are made available by making the tags of your own choice.

4. Coated or simple ice-cream scoops- as the name depicts, these are ice cream scoops which can be simple as well as coated. These can be entirely designed to suit your needs.

5. Cups of various shapes and sizes- the heart shaped cups are the most popular. These cups can alter the mood of your guests and can tempt them in the romantic moods. The elegant packing and the printed tags can also be provided as per your choices.

6. Long stem rose candle- the depicting name pertains that the rose candles are packed in a cylinder and the flowers are packed there. These rose shaped stems are not only helpful in enhancing the beauty but also look gorgeous.

7. Sandal wood fans for wedding favors- these handmade wedding favors are suitable for the summer weddings. On waving, these fans release aroma of sandal and are favorite for the women. The outdoor summer weddings are suitable for these kinds of the favors.

8. Bottle openers- these wedding favors are not less than the beautiful key rings. The importance of these openers lies in the fact that, the bottles of cold drinks as well as sauces are opened by using them. These handy and silver coated or different colored openers are good wedding favors to be given them.

9. Colored porcelain vase- these are the best wedding favors, as the color, shape and the decoration of these vases can be altered. These vases can be personalized with beautiful tags. The decoration with flowers can also be done.

10. Key rings of various shapes and designs- the utility of key rings, when it is beautified by engraving them and the shape of heart, which would remind you of your heart all the times.

11. Candle wedding favors of seashell type- the candle wedding favors are most suitable for the summer beach weddings. The seashell, being derived from the sea would remind you of the deep aroma as well as the depth of the sea.


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