Elegant Up Do With White Flowers for Bride 

Elegant Up Do With White Flowers for Bride

There’s a pure divinity about the colour white that cannot be found in any other colour. Whites are always so elegant and stylish and just like the colour white; every bride is also expected to look elegant and stunning on her big day. Hence, it makes perfect sense for a bride to use white flowers for an elegant hair up do on her wedding day. Read on to find out some tips and styles for an elegant hair up do with white flowers. 

Drama and flair

The most common way to use a white flower is by making an elegant bun and then placing a huge white flower on its one side. You can also add two or three small flowers instead of a single huge. This would lend the bride the much needed drama and flair.

A tiara of white flowers

If you’re planning to keep your hair up in a messy bun or simply let your tresses fall down on your wedding day, then opt for a tiara of white flowers. While making you look ravishing and stunning, a tiara would also make you feel like a princess on your big day. This would easily match a flower-themed wedding ceremony and you would also save the cost of buying an expensive jewelled tiara

Small or big, artificial or real

An important decision that you have to make while using flowers for a hair up do is whether the flowers will be small or big and artificial or real. Small flowers tend to have stronger stems and bigger flowers can break easily. While real flowers are enchanting and smell great, artificial flowers have a stronger hold and durability. Choose the flowers keeping in mind the duration of your wedding ceremony. Also, remember to use the hair spray prior to attaching flowers on your hair do as this might damage them. 

A side bun with white lilies

For a more classic look on your wedding day, you can also opt for a side bun and decorate it with flowers such as white lilies. Make sure to design the bun in accordance with your favourite photo angle otherwise it can easily ruin all your wedding photos. 

Natural curls

For brides with natural curls and waves, a great option will be tying up the hair together with a sweet white flower barrette for a perfect medley of sophisticated and whimsical. It is not compulsory to straighten your hair to achieve a perfect bridal style. 

Formal faux hawk

You can also use a faux hawk style for a bridal up do. Tie up your wavy locks in a faux hawk style and outline it with crystal white flowers on both the sides.

Mix and match with the wedding theme

You can also use flowers in the shades from your wedding palette along with the white flowers. For example, if your wedding ceremony has a white and purple theme, you can incorporate it in your hair up do by using tiny purple flowers along with the big white ones. Make sure that whatever flowers you choose, match your wedding theme. 


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