Elegant Wedding Color Combos you have never seen 

Elegant Wedding Color Combos you have never seen

Wedding of any kind, whether playful with fun or lavish and intimate, the fresh color combinations help to look your wedding wonderful. There are numerous color combinations that are below. So get inspired by any of this elegant one- 

Aqua+cherry+red+khakhi- is excellent retro-inspired wedding themes. This look and the color are meant to be preppy and fun. Try one of these fresh wedding color combinations for a style that's anything but bland. Mix in cheeky signage, add low centerpiece in unique jars and incorporate a pattern into the schemes, such as stripes or chevrons.

Tangerine + Orange + Yellow- this colour combination obviously looks gorgeous for the summer weddings. Let the flowers do most of the talking with this pellet by incorporating white back grounds, accent mirrors and simple table settings. So that your guests are not overwhelmed by the color.

Yellow + Gray + silver- the weddings of different types require different colors, as well as the overall theme. For modern fall wedding themes, yellow, grey and silver are the perfect combinations. : Pair with clean lines, graphic prints and sleek style details to keep the look contemporary. For an industrial space, opt for concrete-textured gray accents, and for something more glamorous, set your table with silver mercury glass votives.

Black + Pale Green + White- the colors, as depicted in the theme are good for the formal spring wedding themes.  The extreme stark look can be prevented by mixing cream or ecru white hues into the mix, and pull some greenery inspiration from the dusty, natural green shades of succulent herbs.

Navy + yellow + blue- the color combinations of navy, yellow and blue are perfect for the country summer wedding themes. The crisp, personalized details such as a custom invitation design monograms and unique fashions bring this preppy wedding color combo down to earth and give it a totally grown up spin.

Some other combinations in this series are- 

- Cinnamon + Yellow + Beige
- Emerald + Cream + Gold
- Gold + Peach + Green
- Magenta + Poppy + Yellow
- Navy + Eggplant + Gold
- Merlot + Peach + Sage
- Poppy + Celadon + White
- Purple + Burgundy + Orange
- Sage + Gold + Ivory


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