Embellishing the Wedding Beauty of Flowers 

Embellishing the Wedding Beauty of Flowers

Wedding are the most important aspect or a momentous possession in everybody’s life. Hence the event is like a once in lifetime festival and never comes again with the same eager and enthusiasm and is expected to be commemorated by everyone. Hence as a part of enthusiasms, excitement, intense and eager enjoyment, the decoration enlighten and become a unique necessity of wedding decoration and add a boost and glory to the event.


What is the importance of flower decoration?
  Embellishing the Wedding Beauty of Flowers


Flowers in nature hold a great importance. Flowers are the gift of god and nature and serve as a live example of natural beauty and art. Every individual are fond of decorating their homes, arenas with flowers to enhance the beauty. Wedding flower decoration is the pinnacle of the beauty. Wedding flowers not only add up a sweet smelling fragrance but works to set up the mood but are symbol of fertility and acceptance. The beautiful decoration of wedding banquet with the creative and aesthetic designs and arrangements make the place beautiful, and creates the welcoming and thankful environment to the guests. The most important aspect of wedding decoration is the use of flower as garland in the Hindu wedding decorations, the custom called as Jaimaal, signifies the acceptance and welcome of a person to be in lifetime, unbreakable relationship of marriage. 

Irrespective of the religion and tradition, wedding flower decorations are common in most of the religion but the difference being that different kinds of flowers serve different meanings for example red roses are considered sacred in case of Islam religion which indicates and signifies the symbol of love and fertility. Flowers like roses (precisely red rose and pink rose), daisies, dahlia, lily, orchids, daffodils, etc are the most common group that are chosen in the wedding flower decorations. One of the disadvantages with flowers is that the flower arrangement must be fresh. The old and used flowers lose their fragrance and appear to be mirage against its beauty.


Different Ways to Embellish the Wedding Flower Decoration
  Embellishing the Wedding Beauty of Flowers

As already discussed that wedding decoration being the integral aspect of any wedding, there are professions and specialists who are working as the florists and decorative designers in order to serve the best eye catching attraction to the wedding. But the most important thing that should be kept in mind while choosing upon wedding flower decoration is that the colour combination of flowers should be perfect, attractive and appreciation. Colour combination is one and only important aspect to embellish and making the wedding decoration ideas to be awesome and outstanding.


Uses of Weeding Flowers in Wedding


Embellishing the Wedding Beauty of Flowers

Main purpose of wedding flower decoration is the part of welcoming and setting up the mood of auspicious event.
Flowers can be used as a bow in the centre of table, designing and welcoming seats of guests.
They embellish the food court of the wedding, even as the source fragrance of tables to welcome people.
Flowers an also acts as gifts, basically the wedding bouquet to the mother/ father or guardian of bride and groom.


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