Embellishments For Your Wedding Invitation 

Embellishments For Your Wedding Invitation

Printable invitations tend to fall a lot cheaper than the handmade invites and it is for this reason that the demand and use of these wedding invitations is huge. However, one problem with the use of these printable wedding cards is that there is not much glitter and glamour that one can print onto these cards. However, through the use of various embellishments, you can definitely make these cards look just as pretty as the handmade cards. 

Some of the simple ways through which the bride and the groom can make their wedding invite look even more pretty and special to the wedding guests are as follows:

Backing Paper

Gone are the days when printing could only be done on white paper. There is a huge variety of papers that are available in the market which can be used for the printing of the cards. You can choose papers of different colours, different background prints, and papers with different finishing


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