Emergency Kit For The Bridesmaids 

Emergency Kit For The Bridesmaids

The job of a bridesmaid at a wedding is extremely important. It is the duty of the bridesmaids to ensure that the bride looks perfect and comfortable throughout the wedding and in case of any sort of emergency, the bridesmaid is supposed to handle the problem and make sure that the wedding ceremony goes through in the planned and organized manner. Therefore, the bridesmaid needs to be prepared for facing all sorts of emergencies that can happen at a wedding and for this; she needs to be equipped with certain tools that can help her in handling various emergency situations perfectly. 

Some of these important tools that should be a part of every bridesmaid’s emergency kit are as follows:


Irrespective of the fact that your wedding ceremony is taking place at an indoor venue or an outdoor venue, there is a big chance that the bride as well as the bridesmaid herself may find themselves sweating, especially in the area of their armpits. This basically happens due to the elaborate dresses that these girls have to wear. The bride would definitely not want to be smelling of seat at her wedding and nor would you as the bridesmaid would want to stand next to the bride with smelly armpits, therefore, one of the first things that the bridesmaid should pack in her emergency kit before leaving for the wedding venue is a good deodorant. 

Keep Those Feet Running

The brides as well as the bridesmaids are required to wear high heels in order to give them and their dresses a good look. However, weddings tend to be a long affair and the brides and the bridesmaids generally do not get the chance to sit around during the wedding ceremony. As a result of this, the high heels can really make their feet tired, thus making the wedding ceremony a pain to attend. By keeping a blister protection spray in the emergency kit, the bridesmaid is able to ensure that she and the bride are both able to enjoy the wedding till the very end and dazzle everyone with their high heels and gorgeous looks. 

Baby Powder

One of the most common emergencies that people face at weddings is that of food falling on the dresses and leaving stains behind. To be able to handle this emergency, the bridesmaid should always carry baby powder in her emergency kit. Besides helping in the removal of the stains from the dresses, this baby powder can be useful in many other ways as well, like keeping the bad smell away from your body, making your eyelashes look fuller and longer, and many other similar purposes. 

Dress Accessories

The worst thing that can happen at a wedding is a wardrobe malfunction. The only way to avoid this malfunction is to be prepared for all sorts of emergencies that can arise. For this, the bridesmaid needs to carry safety pins, fashion tapes, needle and thread in her emergency kit, so that in case the dress comes loose at any point of the wedding, the same can be taken care of immediately. 


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