Engagement Party Rules to Be Followed 

Engagement Party Rules to Be Followed

Engagement party is not just the occasion of exchanging rings but it is also the very first time you officially introduce your life partner to your friends and family. It is an occasion when you get to know the friends and family members of your partner. Engagement party also gives an idea to the guests about how your wedding party is going to be. It is actually the beginning of festivities for all the family and friends. Here is a list of everything you must know before starting with your engagement party planning. 

Deciding upon the host of the Engagement Party

If we go as per the traditions, it is the bride’s side which is responsible for hosting engagement parties. However, as times have changed now, the groom’s side is usually more than willing to share and co-host the wedding festivities. It not only helps in relieving the burden of the bride’s family but also brings the two families closer to get to know each other.

Deciding upon the Date of the Engagement Party

It is always better to throw the party soon after the proposal is made when the romance, love and happiness is at its peak. The wedding should take place ideally seven to nine months after the engagement party so that the families get ample time to carry out the planning and wedding preparations. Also do not forget to keep in mind the availability of your partner and his loved ones while finalizing the party date.

Deciding upon the Venue of the Engagement Party

Choose the venue of your party at such a place that your guests do not have to travel a lot and take long leave to reach you. It is better to combine two or more wedding festivities together so that you do not make your guests travel twice. 
Once the location is finalized, select the venue by carefully short listing the best options available. Keep in mind the number of guests expected, and the theme of the party if any.

Deciding the Guest List

It completely depends on you and your partner whether you want your engagement party to be a private low-key affair or you want to throw a lavish party. Also keep in mind the budget you have fixed for your party. The idea is that engagement is usually a more intimate ceremony as compared to the wedding itself. You can also keep it as a surprise party for your very closed ones.

Sending the Invites

Make sure to give plenty of time gap to your guests while sending the invitation cards. For the guests staying out of town, send the cards at least a month before the engagement date.

Finalizing the Menu and Decorations

Select your menu depending upon the time you are throwing your engagement party at. Also keep in mind the preferences of the guests. If your budget doesn’t allow for full course meal, you can always stick to appetizers, drinks and desserts for engagement parties. Decorations also depend on the theme selected for the wedding if any or on the budget decided. It would be a good gesture from your side if you can arrange for some engagement party gifts for your guests.

Finalizing your Engagement Dress

Select your party dress according to the setting of the party and also depending on the time of the year. Keep in mind that your engagement dress must not out do your wedding dress.


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