Engaging Sexually With Ex-Husband or Ex-Wife - How Correct Is It?  

Engaging Sexually With Ex-Husband or Ex-Wife - How Correct Is It?

Marital bliss is among the best synergies of this universe. It has been very intricately demarcated through the process of social evolution that has continued since the beginning of the civilization. We now stand at the zenith of the social intricacies. Unfortunately, we are finding the difficulties catering towards the demands of this improvised system while at the same time we don’t want to shed the benefits. This equation is inconsistent as also tragic. 

Love with ex-partner - 

However, the forces of alienation are strong and challenging the social matrix as also the individual unit of it which is the family. Strong intolerance and ego are among the lead drivers of this social disintegration and the very first losses are manifested in the form of divorces. It has been found that not even new but also the older couples are getting separated. Many couples even after getting separated feel the affinities within; especially when the everyday hassles are eliminated. This makes them to approach their ex partners. Surveys have also pointed to the increasing instances where divorced individuals admit to having sex with ex-partner

The love feeling fails to die easily!

Psychologists explain such intimacies as not merely lustful but something that are unbound by the legal separation that has been achieved through the instrument of divorce. The separated husband and wife after some time start to realize their love that is very deep seated as compared to the day to day conflicts and verbal duels that were common in their married life. The couples actually never realize this fact and go for the divorce in search of relief. Afterwards, they find the affinities, start to meet and generally don’t shy in having the sex moments again. They had enjoyed the deepest indulgences as a couple so the dimension of adultery is never experienced by them. Ironically, the religious statues never allow for such union in any form. Many religions like the Hindu faith have no room for the instrument of divorce while the Islamic law makes the divorced woman ‘haraam’ (forbidden) for the ex-husband. The modern contemporary legal systems place no boundations on the divorced individuals as for engaging in relationship again! However, all these distinctions and legal/religious delineations have nothing to do with the generic affinities that are borne deep within. 

Intimacies act as passages to re union

Thus overall if we consider the issue of sexual relations with ex-husband or ex-wife, there is nothing abnormal in it because the inherent bonding can never die abruptly as is demanded by the law. It is only a case of feeling the affinities again when the memories of the bad tussles and conflicts begin to fade. The balance then again turns to the favor of good synergies that were once present. Sometimes, a feeling of remorse is felt within by the partner that aggressively demanded divorce. He/she then tries to approach the ex-partner; and this approaching is done directly! The discussions start and then an attempt is tried to have the life again. Sexual intimacies serve as the path to the re life! 


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