Enjoy the Pre Wedding Celebrations 

Enjoy the Pre Wedding Celebrations

Bridal shower is traditionally followed by maid of honour or a bridesmaid but now a days any one are hosting. Bridal shower indicates sharing of love and it is celebrated before wedding planning’s, in bridal shower bride should look perfect and should look good by having bridal makeup with makeup artist. Before planning for bridal shower you should ensure that things are going according to your checklist. There are many tips to plan a celebration for the bride to be. With some easier guides you can make pulling off your bridal shower celebration with stress free, memorable and fun filled party. Bridal shower is basically celebrated as gift giving party for the bride to be on behalf of her wedding. Anyone can throw the shower for the bride there is no particular rule that bride’s mother, bride’s family members or bridesmaid should do first. To take the lead you have to just raise your hand. Bridal shower is followed from 1890’s and today it is common procedure in many countries like Canada, New Zealand, United States, and Australia.
Arrange for a perfect bridal shower
Before planning the bridal shower arrange for all the things perfectly. Anyone can host the bridal shower there is no perfect rule for that. The best thing to arrange for bridal shower is by forming troops. Instead of arranging all the things by single person they can form a group to arrange and make the celebration even interesting. Set a date first by talking with bride for dates because bride may have many other arrangements. Form a guest list that should be invited, build a budget, choose a bridal shower theme arrange for brunch, tea, cocktails and sit down dinner, send the eye catching bridal shower invitations, arrange for a party gifts there are many party gift ideas. After the bridal shower party the bride should send the thanks giving note.

Plan a bridal shower by these inspiring tips
Make the bride to feel more special with these amazing tips, bridal shower themes, table setting, bridal shower invites, favours and recipes. 

Set up a delicious sparkling refreshments like mimosa bar, start up with champagne, juice and finish with a bowl of fruits

Enjoy the bridal shower celebration more by playing bridal games like bridal bingo

Gift bridal name or initial printed match boxes, it is inexpensive party favours and fun

Create balloon arch for creating a wonderful appeal for the buffet, arrange the different sizes of balloons with different colours, you can get chic appeal by adding some flowers to the arch

Serve sparkling peach sangria to make the guests feel more festive, indulge in melted white chocolate Oreo pops

Shower the bride to be with the advice, by making guests to write on inexpensive wooden spoons which is send to bride to be as a gift with advices

Arrange the repurpose glass bottle by painting with gold paint or glitter paint by adding some flowers to it to get gorgeous appeal at the bridal shower, they act as bright party favours

Make a flower chandelier to make your bridal shower arrangement more gorgeous

Rather than framing pictures hang the couples images to balloons for a chic look


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