Entertainment Ideas for Wedding Ceremony 

Entertainment Ideas for Wedding Ceremony

Wedding has and will always be special. Be it its celebration or keeping the guests in form and enjoyment throughout, it come with lots and tons of entertainment. From bounce funny houses to magical performances to karaoke performances to everyone’s favorite band performances, there could be more on the list for entertainment.

Wedding entertainment

Entertainment can be done by giving wedding a retro theme with village or 20s country theme. With professional help, whole marquee can be decorated with flowers and burn look. Also some games can be included for one and all like giant snake ladder, ping pong table, video games and popcorn machine. Also knock the can, ring the bell, running bull and ball in the bucket can be major attraction there.

Wedding entertainment can also include dress up like dares which will keep the guests in the mood forever. Also balloon, clowns, tall maids, still walkers and face painting will make kids at your wedding remember it forever and always. Moreover weddings can be given a festive look with fare glamour and musical festive passages with exotic music and instruments.

Wedding bands

Also there could be planned performances where guests can be trained and allowed to freak on the disco light, with personal interest of a storyline or some ethnic background or maybe some village fun songs. Jazz bands, funk band with college music or duo singers’ performance can double the fun as every age enjoys music. Also guests can be surprised with singing waiters and awaited brides and grooms performances with jazz music touch or Spanish guitar player with some seriously good melodies that make memories.


Guests can also be amazed with clever card tricks, future and tarot card readers and coin illusions and mingle and gone magical performances. Magicians can also reach tables before food and create mystical aroma. Also magical tutorials will keep your guests amazed and entertained. 

Wedding entertainment ideas

There can also be edible escort cards with guests name’s icing in it. With it welcome bag with day’s essentials can be gifted to guests to surprise them. Caricatures and cartoonist can pose your guests as much as the one with camera. No one gets too old for that kind of stuff to entertain in wedding.

Just when all this winds down a waffle truck or French fries, cookies with warm milk and chocolate fountain, will warm up your wedding. Wedding cake with following theme can also create a memory for your wedding. Further giant ice-cream table and donuts games will keep your wedding entertaining. Flavored ice cubes, customized champagne and fruit purees dished will not only surprise but also add delicious flavors to your wedding ceremony and double the toast fun. Iced Popsicle with theme will only add fun on your desk.  Also for late night snacks a truck can be hired that serves favorite food.         


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