Enticing Painted Fruits at Weddings- Most Eye Catching Decor As the Centerpieces 

Enticing Painted Fruits at Weddings- Most Eye Catching Decor As the Centerpieces

The alluring decoration with flowers and some other objects like as- umbrella, gotta, rangoli, floral rangoli has been in vogue for last few years. Yesteryears have evidenced more and more of other article to be utilized them as the decorating tools. After all, the theme of the wedding actually determines the colour and the kind of material to be utilized for decorating the wedding venue. In case of rain themed wedding, the materials utilized tend to solve the dual purpose like as the central big umbrella for providing the decoration as well as to protect the wedding guests from the rain. 

The use of fruits, specially the water melon and pineapple ruled the roost. But the use of painted fruits is more enticing. More and more of the painted fruits are used as décor at weddings, can be seen in gallery in pinterest. Many of them are most eyes catching. Some quirky ideas about this latest trend and some eye catching painted fruits are elaborated here- 

What actually is done in this trend-?

In this trend, the fresh fruits are painted and their appearance is entirely changed to convert them into the pretty pieces. 

Which fruits are used to have the decoration-?

Majorly the pineapple and the pear are utilized for this trend. If you imagine the pineapple, colored with yellow or pink, the creativity just goes beyond. Pineapple really appears great due to the unique shape and they are so different. Popularity of grapes can’t also be denied. The sparkly oranges and the lemon sound cool. Because of the interesting shape of the pear, coupled with the fact that they last long, they are mostly seen as the colored fruits.

How the best possible fruits can be obtained?

Eventually, the fruits make for the best décor ideas, whether or not they are painted. To get the best kind of the results, utilize them as the rustic centerpieces. Like as table décor and even in corner display. If they are placed together, they have the capability to replace the floral arrangements. Just add them on anything and give a new spin..

What are the different ways to decorate fruits?

For more of the interesting ways and to have best of the wedding décor, paint them in metallic, pastel or bright colour. The sparkling colored pears and other fruits when utilized as the table centerpiece make for the best centerpiece. The colour theme of the tables can be decked up with them. Furthere, to make them appear frosty and luscious, add transparent hue and add sugar on them. 

There are also these fruits with rhinestones and jewels, but we don’t know how we feel about these!


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