Essential Guide To An Indian Brides Attire 

Essential Guide To An Indian Brides Attire

The first and the foremost thing in any brides wedding checklist, is the dress that she would be wearing for the wedding. The dressing style of an Indian bride is greatly influenced by the region and the religion she belongs to. There are many set rules which an Indian bride has to follow, when dressing up for her wedding ceremony.  The bride needs to ensure that her wedding dress not just conforms to the traditional Indian culture, but it also looks stylish and good on her.
Some of the basic factors which an Indian bride has to keep in mind when selecting her Indian wedding garments are as follows:

Following The Traditions

The Indian culture has laid down 16 essential items of beautification, which every bride needs to have on her when dressing up for her wedding day. These include everything from the Sindoor that is applied at the top of the head to the toe rings or Bichias. Over the years, some brides have taken liberties and skipped wearing certain items from this list, but a few items, still continue to be a major part of the bride‚Äôs Indian wedding dress such as mehndi, bangles, necklace, etc. 

Wedding Dress Colour And Style Based On Religion 

Depending on the religion to which the bride belongs to, her wedding dress style and colours would be chosen. For example, if the bride is a south Indian, then she would be wearing a red colour Kanjivaram sari. On the other hand, a Guajarati or Marwari bride would go in for a lehnga with a peacock design and can be or either red, pink, orange, purple or any other colour except black and white. 

Looking Good In Wedding Photography

Another important consideration which has to be kept in mind when selecting the wedding dress is to ensure that the colour scheme and the style of the lehnga would look good when clicked during the wedding. Your wedding pictures are your most prized possessions and you do not want them to come out bad. Therefore, when choosing the wedding dress, its appeal on the camera should always be considered. 

Matching Jewellery

Many brides like to wear their family heirlooms at their wedding. Therefore, if you too have any such already decided jewellery items, then you need to make sure that your wedding dress matches, the Indian wedding jewellery that you have already finalized for the occasion. 

Indian wedding Make-Up

Many brides are not able to understand the significance of this factor till the final day when they finally get dressed and ready for the wedding ceremony. The Indian wedding makeup that you would get done for the wedding ceremony would be based on the colours of your wedding dress. Therefore, if the colours are not something which would look good on you, the bride may end up looking ugly on her wedding day or may have to go to the wedding with a makeup which does not match her dress. Therefore, consult your make-up artists when selecting and buying the wedding dress for yourself. If possible, take trial makeup sessions, where you dress up completely and get to see the final look. 

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