Essential Guide to CKP Wedding Food and Desert 

Essential Guide to CKP Wedding Food and Desert

Wedding is a place to fill your stomach with lot and lot of dishes. Any wedding you attended in Indian community we assure you that you would be happy to have visited only because of the wedding menu which they have to offer to participants. You name a dish in Indian cuisine and you can easily find them in an Indian wedding. 

Indian wedding menu is decided based on religion, community and region 

India is a very vast country and has the world’s second largest population and this fact is enough to clear the doubts of many people that India has many communities. The Indian community and their vast culture go back to the ancient times. So is their wedding food menu, the wedding menu of Indians are decided based on the community. So community eat vegetation food and some community’s serves non vegetarian food. 

CKP community is the best wedding to attend to taste non-vegetarian food

Out of all the community in India, the CKP community is the best wedding to attend since they serve non- vegetarian food to people. The CKP are mostly from the state of Maharashtra and their food diet is more oriented towards eating sea food and chicken. 

Wedding menu planning is a big exercise in CKP weddings 

Wedding planning of the CKP community starts with deciding the type of food to be organized for wedding reception and the wedding dinner. The family sit together and they select all the dishes to be made. Sometime even the family refer the wedding food ideas websites and agents to decide upon which kind of food to serve. 

Best wedding dishes served in CKP wedding 

The following are some of the best menu which a CKP wedding has to offer: 

  • The wedding starts with an Appetizer such as samosas, bhajji made of vegetables and some north Indian street foods such as vada and potato mix. 

  • The main course in CKP wedding starts with veg dishes of toor dal, alu mix full of fruits and vegetables sprinkled with spices, different type of rice items made of lemon, spice and milk. 

  • The desserts in a CKP wedding is full of sweets and ice creams from across India with main items being – Ladoo, gheer, jalebi and boondi. 

CKP community are lovers of meat and sea food

Besides the vegetarian foods, the CKP community people are great lovers of meat and sea food. Their wedding menu never gets completed without a non-vegetarian menu to offer. The following are some of the out of the box great dishes offered by CKP community in the category of non-vegetarian. 

Biryanis – no wedding is complete without the best meat dish which is the biryanis. The ckp community serve all kinds of biryanis starting from chicken, mutton, shrimp, fish, and prawns and so on. 

The non-veg food also covers items like fried chicken, mutton and sea foods. Besides the fired items you also get items like gravy and masala which goes best with Indian bread like rotti and naan. 


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