Essential Wedding Survival Tips for Anxious Brides 

Essential Wedding Survival Tips for Anxious Brides

Getting prepared for wedding is a package full of excitement and curiosity, especially for the bride as wedding is undoubtedly a very overwhelming phase for the bride. As the wedding day arrives closer, the brides begin to get too anxious about the biggest day of their life. However, it might sometimes become scary for the brides who get over anxious about their wedding day. For all the brides to be who are on the verge of losing their sanity, the following tips can prove quite useful in keeping their calm. 

It is perfectly ok to be behaving weirdly and differently than your normal self

It is natural to feel uncomfortable about being the centre of attention.  Indian bride needs to understand that every single person present on the wedding day is going to lay maximum focus on the bride. It is perfectly ok to be getting pre-wedding jitters. 

Apart from this, planning for the wedding is a very stressful activity. Wedding is the biggest event in the life of a boy and a girl and therefore it very much makes sense to be anxious and excited about it. You need to remain calm and composed. As the wedding day approaches, keep telling you to be calm. Try meditating once a while to relieve the stress build up. Practicing meditation and yoga would not only act as stress buster for you but at the same time help in boosting your immune system.

Try to get organized

There are several things which need to be taken care of while preparing for the wedding, be it shopping for the wedding dress or fixing up the wedding venue or preparing the guest list or deciding the menu. As the wedding draws closer, try to keep a handy notebook or a checklist for all the wedding preparations which need to be made. It not only helps in being organized but also prevents from forgetting any important arrangement and keeps a tighter hold on the advancement of arrangements. Make a diary or a journal and note down as soon as any thought strikes your mind so that you do not skip it later. 

Take help from family, friends and colleagues

Accept help from your family and friends whenever they offer a lending hand to you. It will not only make the whole wedding planning experience an enjoyable one but also at the same time relieve you of some burden. In case no one is offering you help on their own out of hesitation you can always ask for help from your loved ones. They will be more than willing to help you.

Apologize for your tantrums whenever you feel it is required

As the wedding day draws closer, it is quite possible that you might have your bridezilla moments! It is completely natural to be behaving this way. However your partner might take it in a wrong way thinking you are being indecisive of your decision of marriage. Always take the effort of making it clear to your husband to be that your behaviour is not indicative of anything negative going on in your mind.  


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