Etiquettes For A Wedding Invitation 

Etiquettes For A Wedding Invitation

A wedding invitation needs to be drafted very carefully, as these invitations will be going out to everyone you love and care about and therefore, you cannot afford to offend anyone because of the wrong wording of these invites. Thus, it becomes important that while designing these cards, the bride and the groom must know about the various etiquettes that are associated with the making of these wedding cards. 

Besides informing the wedding guests about the wedding date, these cards also act as a personal communication between you and each and every guest and therefore, these cards need to be decent and courteous. Some of the basic etiquettes that one needs to follow when designing these cards are as follows:

Long Notice Is Always Appreciated

It is important that the information about the wedding date and venue should be provided to the guests well in advance so that they are able to make the necessary arrangements for attending the wedding. While some of the guests might have to apply for a leave in their offices and would, therefore, need to apply for the same at least three to four months before, others may have to make arrangements for the stay and care of their children and this can also sometimes take a lot of time. Therefore, make sure that if not your actual invite, then at least a save the date should reach all your guests well in advance, so that they are able to make the necessary arrangements in their life for attending your wedding. 

Do Not Let Creativity take Over Legitability

While it is important that you make your card looks pretty and beautiful, but in a bid to go all creative with your card, do not end up making your card so complicated that the guests are not able to understand the card and hence do not know when and where they have to reach in order to attend your wedding. Make sure that all the vital information about the date, venue, time and contact details are clearly mentioned on the card in a manner that they can be read without any problem. 

Address Should Be Provided In Detail

Remember that you will be sending out a one single type of invitation to all your guests and not every guest of yours would belong to the same city where the wedding is being held and therefore, these outstation guests might need help in finding the wedding venue. Therefore, you need to make sure that the address for the wedding is mentioned on the card in detail along with some famous landmarks close by which would make the search for the venue easier for the outstation guests. 

Names Are Very Important

Before sending out the invites, make sure that the names of each and every guest is correctly spelled and mentioned in full. People get very offended if their name is not mentioned properly on the card; therefore, take care to ensure that you do not write anyone


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