Exotic Car decoration ideas 

Exotic Car decoration ideas

Decorating the wedding car needs tremendous amount of creativity and imagination to make it look elegant and unique. It is important to discuss the design elements of the wedding car with the bride as well as with the groom to make it look special to them. Wedding car decoration plays a significant role in the wedding as after the wedding ceremony is over, the newlyweds head to their destination in their wedding car. 

Decorating the Wedding Car for the Arrival of the Groom

There are several creative ways of decorating the wedding cars these days. The wedding car needs to be decorated for two occasions – the first occasion is the arrival of the groom to the wedding reception venue. At this time, the wedding car must be decorated in a way to suit the personality of the groom. The wedding car decoration should be such to portray the persona of the groom and the theme of the wedding must be followed so that it complements the wedding decorations. Depending upon the preference of the groom the design of the decoration can be kept simple and elegant or it can be kept vibrant and amusing. It is always better to take the help of wedding car decoration professionals to save time and effort during the wedding.

Decorating the Wedding Car for the Departure of the Newlyweds after their Wedding

The other occasion is when the bride and groom leave the wedding venue after the wedding ceremony is over. The wedding car decoration for this occasion must be done very carefully to make it look thrilling, attractive, beautiful and romantic as a lot of photographs are clicked at this time. A “just married” banner put on the bonnet of the car, carrying the picture of the newly wedded couple is the most popular choice among the couples these days.

Eye – Catching Wedding Car Decoration Ideas and Themes

Flower decorations are the most common among the wedding car decorations. The beautification of the wedding car can be enhanced by adding a classic flower garland or a wreath to its bonnet. Use of bouquets of flowers is also done to complement the wedding decorations. Make sure the flower wreath which is put on the bonnet of the car is tightly and securely fastened. 

Ribbons of different colors and materials can be used to decorate the wedding car all around. Ribbons can be put around the “just married” banner to make it look more attractive and appealing. Ribbons beautify the wedding car looks and are also quite affordable item of decoration. These ribbons can also be shaped to form bows and put all over the cars. Try to use light and bright colored ribbons like, pink, cream, off-white, orange etc. the material of the ribbons can be satin or organza or any other relevant material.

Messages can also be painted on the cars using the liquid chalk which is easily washable and causes no damage to the car itself.


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