Expectations of Marriage Relation before Marriage 

Expectations of Marriage Relation before Marriage

In our society marriage is just not the union of two individuals, but also of two families and cultures. The two partners in a marriage get bind together with set of certain expectations which are guided by their family background as well as personal observations of individuals form his/her society. 

To bring happiness in life it is imperative for both the spouses to be aware of each other’s expectations. It has been experienced over time that the spouses having different expectations have problems in their relationship. So, to be a happy couple it is must for both of you to identify the good things of each family origin and utilize them to grow within limits. 

Expectations depends on Commitments 

Even if there are clashing expectations, the couple can lead a happy life, if they are committed to each other without much formality. Once the commitment is not there in life, the life is like aimless. The assumptions can’t be made in life. If a partner expects that the other will change after the marriage, he/she face disappointment. So, when you are in dating stage before marriage, you must realize the expectations of would-be-spouse so that you may live a happy married life in future. You must know that the successful marriage requires efforts and joy on both the sides. Knowing the expectations, you may overcome your weaknesses and learn to grow together.

Expectations to be Realistic

No man or woman is born with supernatural powers so that he/she may fulfill all the expectations of his/her spouse. After life is for change, you must anticipate and welcome the changes in life at the same time have realistic expectations from life.

Attitude of Giving More and Expecting Less

The best mantra of happiness in married life is to give more and expect less from spouse. It you have this attitude; you would be always satisfied and face the growth. In this regard, it is very much necessary that you must understand the goal in your life and what you would be after marriage. Because once you know your aim, you may share it with your would-be-spouse. Also, try to observe and know about your partner and see that that whether he/she can meet your expectations in life or not. 

The purpose of getting married is solved when both of you would meet the expectations of each other. Everything in life is equally important be it simple love or intimate sex, but anything against the wish or expectations of each other may ruin the relationship. The career after marriage, plan of having own house, buying a big car, stage of bearing children, sharing of responsibilities, assurance of income in old age, controlling of money, emotional dependence etc. are the various expectations that a marriage relation demands. The list is not exhaustive and it depends on the individual preferences and way of thinking. So, to remain happy and avoid any complications in the marriage, it is necessary that both the partners treat the marriage as a team of two individual. You should together work out the problems and learn to succeed even in odd times. 


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