Exquisite and Stunning Handcrafted Engagement Rings  

Exquisite and Stunning Handcrafted Engagement Rings

Weddings are special and so are the things associated with it. So you have found the perfect dress for your big day and finally comes the decision of which jewellery to pair up with it to suit your style. Every piece of jewellery that you wear on your wedding day reflects upon your style and individuality. When it comes to an engagement ring, it is all the more special as the girls can’t resist showing off their pricey rings to their friends and mates. Break up with the cliché of diamonds and machine made rings being eternal and surprise your fiancé with beautiful handcrafted jewellery. Handcrafted designs, unlike the machine cut designs you find in stores, are so out of the blue and stunning. As red carpet jewellery is mostly turning out to be handcrafted, the demonstration effect is working perfectly for the handcrafted jewellery segment. Here are some reasons why you must try your hands on handcrafted engagement rings and bridal jewellery. 

An array of assorted designs 

Unlike the machine made designs in typical cuts and patterns, handcrafted bridal jewellery comes in manifold patterns that are exquisite and impressive. You can use various stones such as emeralds, aquamarine, ruby and sapphires to give your wedding jewellery and interesting twist. These stones are available in a lot more impressive patterns and cuts. Every stone has some deep meaning hidden behind it. Start your wedding day with a stone that symbolizes the purity and depth of your relationship. 

Variety of metals 

If you find gold too mainstream and are basé of the same archaic engagement rings made of gold, you can switch to handcrafted engagement rings that are also available in metals such as white gold, titanium and platinum. The good news is that platinum rings and titanium rings are just as durable and stylish as the traditional ones. You can also opt for Celtic Wedding rings and bridal jewellery. 

Personalized and unique designs

The sudden upsurge in the demand for personalized designs has led to a sudden increase in the market for handcrafted bridal jewellery and various necklaces, anklets, cufflinks, bracelets, etc. can be crafted to suit your design and style. These pieces can be crafted specially for you and hence these designs are not repeated.

Style and fashion trends around the world are constantly changing but there is something that will always be on a women’s lust list and that is handcrafted jewellery. Be it a bracelet, a beautiful pair of earrings or a maang-tikka. Every woman love jewellery that is unique and crafted especially for her. 

Affordable and stunning  

Since handcrafted jewellery can be tailor-made to suit your style, you can choose the materials that go into its making. Materials like beads and pearls can be used to make beautiful and cost-effective handcrafted jewellery. Also you can re-design your worn out jewellery at very effective rates. This type of jewellery can be teamed up with an old outfit to make it look like a brand new one, straight out from the glossy pages of a magazine. Handcrafted jewellery has time and again proven that beauty and elegance can be met even without being outrageously priced. 


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