Fabulous Out of The Box Honeymoon Ideas 

Fabulous Out of The Box Honeymoon Ideas

Honeymoon is the most exciting time to escape with your partner for a romantic and fabulous vacation. Honeymoon vacation ideas are in the minds of every couple who is soon going to tie the nuptial knots. We bring to you a list of honeymoon ideas which probably no newlywed is dreaming of. It is a good idea to make your honeymoon even more exciting by trying some of these out of the box honeymoon ideas. 

The destinations listed here are unexpected ones. The most popular honeymoon destinations among the newlyweds include Greece, Switzerland, Paris, Thailand, etc.

The “Staycation” Honeymoon

“Staycation” is the word used to describe the honeymoon idea when the couple prefers to just cocoon themselves together and spend their vacations cuddling away. This saves the couples from the expenses and stresses of travel like on a conventional honeymoon and also let you have good private cozy time with your spouse. You can stay back in your home or rent a room in hotel and relax, order food, go out occasionally if required, watch movies together, love and chat all day. It can be a good out of the box cheap honeymoon idea for couples who want to save their time from travelling.

The Road-Trip Honeymoon

To make your honeymoon romantic as well as an adventurous one, the honeymoon idea of road trip is the perfect one. Just pack the necessary stuff in the boot of your car and drive away together to wherever your love takes you! Stop at the points in between which attract you, eat away, dance, sing and love!

Visiting a Fest or Carnival or any other Event

If you are willing to visit a carnival or a fest together with your partner during the honeymoon vacations, better plan your wedding accordingly so that you don’t have to wait for the event for long after your wedding. International festivals can be considered as good event to be attending with your partner. It would make your honeymoon exciting as well as enjoyable one.

Doing Charity Work during Honeymoon

Apart from the typical romantic honeymoon idea, you and your partner can decide upon volunteering to work with a charity either at your own location or some overseas destination. Helping the kids in an orphanage or supporting the elderly in an old age home can be spiritually relaxing for both of you. 

Spending Honeymoon on a Vintage Train

Getting the experience of an old-fashioned train journey with your life partner is a wonderful way of spending time on your honeymoon. 

Spending Honeymoon in a Tree House

There are several resorts overseas, especially in Australia, which provide unique accommodation in the tree houses. These tree houses are well designed high class ones just like the high end hotel rooms. You can get a flavor of nature in your honeymoon vacations.

Thrilling Honeymoon

If you are looking for some thrilling and cheap honeymoon ideas then go for some adventurous sports like bungee-jumping, skydiving, whitewater rafting, etc. It will get your adrenalin run high.


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