Factors to Help You Decide the Amount of Money to be Given as Wedding Gift 

Factors to Help You Decide the Amount of Money to be Given as Wedding Gift

Generally, no fixed amount can be allocated for the wedding as the wedding gift. There used to be an old rule of thumb- “you give more, you get more...”

There are numerous factors like as enough to cover your food and drink” but to consider aforementioned there are two issues- 

1. You should not know how much the bride is spending per guest. If you do, there have been some serious breaches of etiquette. 

2. The amount you can afford should not fluctuate based on when they can afford. 

If you are giving money, opt for a check over cash...

love, relationship and many other factors determine it and which can help you decide about the same...here it goes-

1. Financial status-

This one major factor is the most determining one when it comes about deciding the amount of money to be given. In other words, if you earn more, you give more. Those who are cash strapped majorly are equally welcomed by the kind bride and groom, saying that “we know you are struggling. Your presence is present enough.

2.  Attending or remaining absent- 

Generally, it goes without saying to attend the wedding of close relatives or the friends, that too majorly with the gift or the cash with a respectable value , especially if they already gave or will attend in the future.

3.  Number of persons attending the wedding-

This is also another important consideration before analyzing the amount of cash you put into the shagun envelope. Putting 100 rupees if you are going solo would be ok but to add on little more would be appreciable if the number of guests attending is more.

4. Ration in accordance with the programmes- 

Generally the rule for giving the wedding gift is to spend 20 % of your budget on an engagement gift. The lion share about 60% goes to the main wedding celebration. Rest of the 20 % share is allocated to the wedding shower. 

5.  Status of the wedding party attending- 

In general, the wedding party gives more, but if there were above-and-beyond expenses—says a super-spendy bridesmaid dress and a bachelorette getaway in Mexico— you can give less.

6. Location of the wedding- 

There is no requirement to bump up the amount if you are away from the wedding place or are far away, rather than living in the main city where the marriage celebration is going to commence. 

7. Travelling distance- 

Many times it is observed that the travel required is immense and the expenditures involved are more in multiple, requiring the plane ride and the expensive hotel too, In that case, the cash as wedding gift can be omitted and the wedding gift of fewer budgets can be inculcated to contribute in the wedding registry. If the bride and groom are chipping in for your wedding expenses, in that case something more substantial can be given.

8. Their Gift to You- 

Don’t entirely go for tit for tat like as writing for the exact amount of the check as you received. You come to ponder upon the situation, when the groom in solo attended your wedding five years back. But it's awkward if you're overly generous when someone got you a salad tray and tongs.


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