Fantastic Theme Ideas for Wedding Reception 

Fantastic Theme Ideas for Wedding Reception

Weddings are special and a fun event. A Wedding theme can make or mar a wedding and hence putting good amount of thought into it becomes inevitable. Thankfully, there’s no limit to the amount of creativity you can show with wedding themes. Read on to find out amazing wedding theme ideas for your wedding reception.

Outdoor wedding themes

Just like a child’s birthday party, a wedding should also be filled with fun, frolic and enthusiasm. If you’re planning to host your wedding reception during spring or summer afternoons, you can opt for an outdoor wedding theme. Beautiful gardens, sunshine and fresh breeze would put your guests in a happy and cheerful mood, while at the same time acting as natural decorations. You can also choose to play outdoor games to make your wedding reception more engaging and lively. 

Whimsical Wedding theme

As a young girl, every girl dreams of her prince charming riding on a white horse and proposing her in the most classical way ever. If that’s your case too, then whimsical wedding themes are totally apt for you. With a dreamy décor, huge flowing dresses and romantic lights, whimsical themed weddings are totally magical and charming. You can set up an Angel style for your wedding and ask all the females to dress up as angels. Another great whimsical theme is that of the Secret Garden, inspired by the famous book by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Hollywood theme

If you’re a fan of the cinema and love the way weddings are done in Hollywood, then a Hollywood wedding theme is totally your thing. Recreate your favorite Hollywood movie or a favorite fairytale on your big day. You can also quote famous dialogues of your favorite movie at your wedding reception.

Colorful Theme

If you find black and white weddings too cliché, then you can totally go for a colorful wedding theme. From flowers to dresses, cakes, lightings, décor and even food can be as colorful as you want it to be. Embrace the child inside you with fun, energetic and bright shades ranging from deep reds to soothing blues, hot pinks or feisty oranges. Just remember to don’t go overboard as you still want to maintain the elegance and style on your big day. 

Beach-themed wedding 

If you plan to create a relaxed and a serene atmosphere on your wedding day, you can also opt for a Beach theme. While holding a wedding beside a beach will be a great idea, you do not necessarily need to go to a beach for a beach-themed wedding. Remember, a beach themed wedding can be created only outdoors. To create a beach theme you can make use of starfish or seashells. For a change, ditch flowers and get a bouquet of seashells. You can also make use of umbrellas and accessories made of flowers. Use bold colors to contrast the white sand. 

Vintage and classical theme wedding

If you’re in love with the sophisticated and super gorgeous classical weddings, then you should totally opt for this theme. From huge lanterns to flowing dresses, light fixtures and gorgeous centerpieces, everything about a classical wedding is graceful and chic. 


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