Feelings of a Bride to Be, One Day before Wedding 

Feelings of a Bride to Be, One Day before Wedding

Almost every girl becomes a bride one day. But the feelings just one day before the wedding are different for different girls. Some of them pass through a medley of emotions, while some enjoy the situation and dream of their future life. They leave everything to the winds and feel like leaving for a Hawaiian vacation.

Here a few things that a bride face one day before wedding.

Mixed Emotions

The marriage changes a bride from a girl to a wife, daughter to daughter-in-law, sister to sister-in-law and maiden to a woman. So, many things happening at a time makes the bride to pass through the stage of various emotions. For some moments she feels the joy of being forever with her love, at other moments he feel pain of saying goodbye to her parents and family of her origin. She is in anxiety regarding the wedding ceremonies for some time and at the other she fears about the life ahead. The day is full of confusions. 

Last Day of Preparations and Planning

The bride hear many things from people regarding planning for ceremonies, wedding dress, gift, honeymoon, would be in-laws etc. She feels at times that it is last day of her single life and worried about the life to come. She feels nervous for some time, starts crying or laying her head in the lap of her mother for the last time. 

The last moment of preparation and planning for the big day like keeping her dress and jewellery safely, taking last trials of her shoes and walking a few steps, learning how to take care of her veil etc. keeps her busy all the day.

Wish for Increasing Day


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