Feelings of A Brides Parents One Day before Wedding 

Feelings of A Brides Parents One Day before Wedding

The marriage of a daughter is a very important occasion in life of any parents. They have seen the little girl crying, crawling, walking, reading, schooling and finally being marriageable. They never knew when and how the time passed? They wish to hold the time back, but that can’t happen. They wish that the girl should embrace the new life, new relations but their heart prohibits them to leave the girl and they can’t stop tears rolling down their eyes. 

Worries Related To Arrangements

One day before wedding, all the arrangements are ensured to take place in proper manner. You may find the bride’s parents engaged in arguments regarding seating arrangements, napkin colours, floral decorations etc. The reason is that they wish that everything must happen in appropriate ways. The feelings of leaving their daughter from her original family tear their heart, while they wish for her happy married life. 

The parents have the last moment to make a dream of wedding planning a reality. They call many times to wedding planner, priest, friends and well-wishers to check the last minute hassles. Their aim is to see that their culture and tradition is upheld in high spirit on the big day. 

Emotional Support to Daughter

No one knows a girl more than her mother. So, the mother of the bride helps her daughter in planning. The more important than planning is to provide the daughter with emotional support. She always stands beside the daughter, sees that her daughter develops her wings to fly in the new life. She teaches her how to begin a new life, say a goodbye to something and flourish in new life. 


Some parents are very excited one day before the wedding. They mixed excitement is related not only to the wedding but also the life thereafter. Some parents are dependent on their daughter for many things. The daughter are assumed an incarnation of goddess Lakshmi in some societies and they contribute to their mothers in household activities to a great extent. They even handle the economic activities and keeping the things safely. Such parents find it very difficult to find a way of life without their daughter. So, they pass through various stages of thinking and they fall under depression too. 

Fear of Things Going Unexpected

Just one day before wedding, the parents of the bride suffer from lots of phobia and fear of unexpected things. This fear may be related to anything such as the piano or shehnai player forgetting the ritual music, the groom as well as guest reaching early, some eatable in food not liked by guests, someone getting heavily drunk, wedding photographer missing the rituals and so many other thoughts coming in mind. They depute and deploy their well-wishers to watch that everything unexpected thing is handles smoothly and no one gets a point to comment adversely about the preparation and planning done by them. Their aim is to make the all the guests as well as the two most important persons (bride and groom) of the day extremely happy. 


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