Find Out the Best Traditional Wedding Photography Poses for Indian Couples 

Find Out the Best Traditional Wedding Photography Poses for Indian Couples

Wedding photography has beautifully evolved through inclusion of genres that have created an upbeat mood among the enthusiasts. The enthusiastic photographers are offering the finest creativity in custom modes while technology has been assisting them in all ways to provide the best services. Apart from the traditional wedding photography, the demand of candid, pre wedding photoshoots and theme wedding photography is high among the seekers who want to ensure that their wedding album develops as the finest and memorable souvenir! Each service itself has found specializations and differentiations and some notable ones include the wedding photography poses that evoke jubilance in the minds of couples tying the knot. Here is an artistic overview of what are the trending wedding photography poses for the bride and groom –


The naughty bride


Poses for Bride and Groom


Traditional wedding photography poses have remained since the earliest days, but now the couples are experimenting with something novel and iconic! Here in the picture above, the bride showcases her true enthusiasm and gets a bit naughty when she rides on the back of her groom! Such poses definitely offer a glimpse of the real love and joy rather than the veiled depictions that have been the norm of wedding couple poses in India. The couple can also put up own idea while posing for wedding photography and make their album unique and special for life!


Yes, I’ m special today!


Poses for Bride


This really makes the bride feel special on her big day.  With so many souls cherishing a pic of her charm, this pose signifies the importance of bride in totality. The wedding photographer however adopts the real role when he is tasked with capturing the entire love of the fans of bride. He employs his smart cams and paraphernalia and stands at the back to capture the shot showcasing bride as the central icon while she blushes with joy to make the moment adorable and precious. For deriving the best value of such concepts, you should try and hire best portrait photographers with wedding specialization!


Celebrating the new love bond


Wedding Couple Poses


One of the most splendid couple poses for wedding photography, this one is a must have for one’s album. Without being too shy, as is demanded by the Indian wedding customs, here the wedding couple poses while kissing each other’s hand. Such pose is iconic and offers a glimpse of the love in making. The photographers with worthy experience always inspire the couple for a contrasting color getup. Here in this picture, you see a fine match of groom dressed in regal blue outfit while the bride adores an elegant suhaag red saree together with modern jewelry.


The charming bride ready to win the hearts!


Poses for Pics


A simplistic yet magical pose is adored by the young bride in this one, as she awaits the baaraat while dressed in her best attires and jewels. The photographer takes care to determine the lighting patterns for such poses for bride and finds out the best option. Here a dim background perfectly suits the bridal sheen and brings out the magic while her long kangna and big maang tika speak magic!


The desi style


traditional wedding photography poses


This one is among the truly desi poses for bride and groom. The duo can be seen enjoying the colorful rickshaw that showcases the joy and fervor of the great occasion of their life. Such a couple pose also shows the solemn vow that groom takes to undertake all the responsibilities of his bride and family; however, here the same has been shot as a joyous moment while the couple is all set to lead the grand vehicle of life forward!


Leading banners offering wedding photography in Delhi and NCR have been relying on such concepts while the couple can choose to either ride a rickshaw or a bicycle or even tractor or else! The creativity is actually unbound here and the engineer groom looking for something novel can even choose to ride a JCB machine!


The royal touch


Poses for Pics


In this one, the royal groom adores his bride like an ornament; while in the backdrop you find all the regality of a palace through majestic décor that is grand and shiny. Among the most cherished wedding poses for pics and albums, these warrant precise and skillful use of techniques by the photographer. This one shows bridal pallu in its totality while the groom and bride can be seen as the iconic jewels. It is also among the best Punjabi wedding photography poses!


The three good pledges


Traditional Wedding Photography Poses

Remember the three Gandhian icons who remind us not to say, not to hear and not to see any bad thing! Here the bride and her maids pose as the trio and present a lighter moment that is beautifully captured by the photographer. While this might appear an offbeat idea to pose for during one’s wedding, for some, such concepts are really interesting and unique. You can experiment yours!


Out on a holiday now!


Wedding Photography


This subtle genre shot sans bride and groom but clearly states that the couple is now on vacation, enjoying their time together; and that they are not willing to pose anymore! You can see the bridal jewels and footwear kept aside and a welcome note of the holiday inn lying there.


Pataka dulhan!


Poses for Bride


Nothing can be more appealing for the groom than his ‘pataka dulhan! And the bride is blushing and shying away while showing her tag of being the most iconic and adorable lady for her man.


Her friends are too happy & enjoying to the fullest!


Wedding Photography Tips


While the bride is displaying her joy in full fervor, her friends are living the night party by boozing in full swing. You can make a similar idea too for posing at your wedding!


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