Find the Best Indian Wedding Dresses for Girls who are Passionate for Red! 

Find the Best Indian Wedding Dresses for Girls who are Passionate for Red!

Reds and pinks define feminism in the best ways and therefore we find that young ladies are enthusiastic for zeroing in on the shades of these! And this fancy for red particularly optimizes when an Indian girl is preparing for the wedding occasion. While the ‘red suhaag joda’ is essentially a norm when choosing Indian wedding dresses for bride, the bridesmaids and other girls are also inclined for the same tastes.


What so typically resonant with the reds? 

Well it may be difficult to sort out a rational reason but most like you and me find the real charm with shades of red. No wonder, we find the best Indian wedding dresses for brides and bridesmaids made in different shades of red like scarlet, crimson, blush, wine, ruby, rose and candy! Let’s see what could be the best options and genre concepts in this specialty segment of Indian bridal wear


The anarkali lehenga with zari embroidery throughout the fabric 

Bridal Lehenga

Choose the anarkali lehenga in scarlet or apple red to get gorgeous in your wedding; and it is also chosen as Indian bridesmaid dresses! The anarkali which has been a sensation for past 2 years is known to optimize the feminine charm. You imagine the cuts and swirl of it and you will be impressed by my assertion. If you also cherish the anarkali type then go for one which is decorated with fulsome embroidery every inch! This will make you look like a diva for sure! 


The plain elegant style lehenga in rose red with border decoration and embroidered blouse 

Indian Wedding Outfits

If you wish to adore the cosmopolitan bride outlook than go for an elegant lehenga in vibrant rose red shade. This will come with neat border decoration through lace and hems in golden or silver interwoven with wine red threading designs. These are now among the demanded Indian wedding outfits, especially by those who want to be the modern elegant bride! 


Blush red lehenga with heavy decoration through stones, beads and lace

Indian Bridal Wear

This is among the most cherished concept among the Indian brides. These lehengas are decorated from top to bottom with colored and transparent zirconia stones, glass beads and laces in gold tones. A gaudy look is promised for the bride. 


The royal maharani style in crimson shade with gold work embroidery 

Indian Bridal Dresses

This type of Indian designer wear lehenga offers the royal look for the bride who feels like a maharani! The entire length is decorated with art quality gold threadwork while bordered embroidery pattern is present at the bottom. Choose the crimson shade to optimize the fervor and charm. 


The western Indian lehenga in candy red with traditional Rajasthani designs and patterns

Indian Designer Wear

This could be perfect if you have chosen a destination wedding like in Rajasthan cities such as Udaipur or Jodhpur. A bright candy red flavor would be just perfect if you have selected this type. 


The blooming red lehenga with heavy kundan and stones work 

Latest Indian Wedding Dresses

This is also among the most desirable styles of Indian bridal wear. The striking red color steals the show and on top of that, the kundan and zirconia stones deliver the optimized sparkle and glare. 


Select from these vibrant styles of Indian designer wedding dresses for bride and get gorgeous! 


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